Comic Pull List – FCBD 2017 Edition


In case you didn’t know this Saturday is Free Comic Book Day, easily the busiest day for comic book stores worldwide.

Running since 2002 when it was established by Diamond Comic Distributors, FCBD is a day where you can discover your local comic book store and pick-up some free samples of new comics to try (and maybe pick up a few other books while you are there).

This year’s free comic book day is also the last day for you to contribute to our first Future Fan Project, the comic donation drive we have been running for the Pyjama Foundation to have comics for literacy programs for underprivileged kids. So if you want to help our and are near one of our pilot participating stores you still can. We will have some news about the Future Fan Project wrap up next week.

You are really here to find out what you can get in store on FCBD this weekend and we are here to give you the highlights but for those who have never been to a FCBD here are some tips:

  • Scout out which store you are going to go to and work out when. FCBD is the busiest day of the year for comic stores if you are going to go early expect a line. If you are going to go late, expect some of the more in-demand comics to be gone.
  • Can you cosplay? Yes. It isn’t only encouraged it’s recommended. FCBD is like a tiny tiny comic con the size of your local store. Check their Facebook on Thursday/Friday and you may find some are doing cosplay competitions (but try to cosplay something comic related if you really want the edge).
  • Not all FCBD comics are going to be at all stores. FCBD is free for you but costs for stores and distributors. As Australians, we know we are far away so not all stores will have every comic on the below list but if there is something you must have, you might be able to shop around.
  • And above all remember FCBD is about supporting your Local Comic Store more than it is Free Comics. If you get to a store make sure you look around, maybe pick up a recommended trade or a new series to make sure they are still there for next year’s FCBD.

And now you are prepped, let’s talk comics!

1FCBD 2017 Secret Empire #1

Marvel have recently made the statement about curving the number of event comics they will have in the future after a few months of multiple event comics happening in the same month. That, of course, doesn’t mean they didn’t already have a few events planned when they said that and Secret Empire is one of those books.

If you have heard the outrage/hype about Captain America secretly working for Hydra then this is the event that (hopefully) will explain more.

The just released cover from also confirms that the Spidey backup will be an intro to Chip Zdarsky’s Spider-Man. After his work on Jughead we are very interested to see.

Rating - Hot

2FCBD 2017 Guardians of the Galaxy #1

After a very successful run of Guardians and more than a little timed to coincide with the new release, the creative team is switching up with the numbering going back to #1 again for Guardians of the Galaxy.

Current Deadpool writer Gerry Duggan takes over for Brian Michael Bendis with issue #1 and given Marvel’s track history with FCBD we are expecting the FCBD #1 to contain some pages that you won’t see when the ongoing book hits stands.

Bendis is moving off Guardians but onto the Defenders who are also in this same FCBD book. Aimed to time in with the Defenders on Netflix in August this Defenders line up is clearly more about the TV shows then the classic Dr Strange/Defenders type line-ups we have seen in the past.

Rating - Hot

3FCBD 2017 Wonder Woman #1 Special Edition

Kept under wraps until this week (seriously, previously the only official summary was “something something something”) it’s not surprising the main book for DC as part of FCBD will be Wonder Woman.

With the movie only a month away all eyes are on Diana and with rebirth intending to align and allow new readers to jump on, this is what FCBD is all about.

Being labelled the special FCBD edition does make us a little dubious that this is just a reprint, but if it gets you into WW there is an invisible jetload of excellent runs in trades you can pick-up while in store for FCBD.

Rating - Hot

4FCBD 2017 I Hate Image

It is possible that you have never read an image comic but you definitely have heard of them. From Saga to Spawn to the Walking Dead, Image might not be DC or Marvel but they are definitely a major publisher in the comics world.

If you are looking for a little bit of an intro or maybe even a return to Image then this book looks like a lot of fun put together by one of our favourite variant cover artists Scottie Young.

Rating - Hot

5FCBD 2017 XO Manowar Special Special

We honestly can’t tell you much about XO Manowar except the numbers it’s going to be pretty popular on FCBD. XO has been around since 1992 and was created by a former Marvel Editor-In-Chief.

What should get you wanting to pick this book up is Jeff Lemire on Bloodshot. Given Lemire’s track record with characters like Swamp Thing, Moon Knight and others make it a good idea to get in on the ground floor for anything with a rich history that he is taking on.

Rating - Hot

6FCBD 2017 TMNT Prelude To Dimension X

Not based on the current Nickelodeon series (which is excellent by the way if you can find it) but following the comics, the FCBD edition for TMNT is a prelude to a major event starting in August.

While we expect this title not to be as easily accessible as Wonder Woman or Marvel titles it has earned enough interest to be on the list. If you love the turtles and want to get back to their roots, this seems like a good place to start for your FCBD.

Rating - In Demand

7FCBD 2017 Star Trek Tng Mirror Broken

If you are someone who knows that the evil version of you has a goatee then you are probably already familiar with classic trek’s Mirror Mirror. On FBCD IDW brings us the storyline for what happens with that same alternative universe in Star Trek the Next Generation.

Honestly, we expected evil Picard to have an Afro.

Rating - In Demand

8FCBD 2017 the Tick

This week we saw in the US the release of a teaser trailer for the new Tick live action show that sadly has no date or distributor for Australia yet (sorry we looked), but if you are a fan of spoons you can always grab this on FCBD.

A Future Fan friendly all-ages comic with 3 stories for 29 pages, we feel it is best read in your best Patrick Warburton voice.

Rating - In Demand

9FCBD 2017 Rick & Morty

What up my Glip Glops! I know it’s been a long road since the end of season 2 and the meme train has been heavy on Szechuan Sauce references since the first episode played on a loop for April Fools Day in the US, but if you haven’t taken a look at the Rick & Morty comic then FCBD is your day.

We don’t know why we are telling you anything more about this because you are going to get this if you can. Don’t be such a Jerry. They will probably even give you a bag to put it in so you don’t have to smuggle it through interdimensional customs.

Rating - In Demand

10FCBD 2017 Betty and Veronica #1

Yes, Betty and Veronica. Ever since Mark Waid/Fiona Staples put out Archie #1, the Archie-verse has been going strong. Between Archie, Jughead and this title in the comics then Riverdale on Netflix it has been an Archie revival that you should check out if you can on FCBD.

But if this isn’t weird enough then maybe look for Afterlife with Archie while in store. Although the Sabrina/Cthulhu ending might forever change how you look at Melissa Joan Heart.

Rating - In Demand

11FCBD 2017 Doctor Who

Always popular on FCBD but hard to find we get a standalone Doctor Who title which promises to include all the Moffat era doctors into a single story.

It might be months until we find out who the new Doctor actor is with Peter Capaldi leaving the show this year but in Comics that doesn’t matter as while you are in your local comic store you can probably hunt down the other Titan Doctor Who series which each follow a different recent Doctor (except for Eccleston).

This issue should also be the first comic debut of the current new companion ‘Bill’ if that is something you need to own to complete your life (or get signed in the future).

Rating - In Demand

12FCBD 2017 Lady Mechanika

If Steampunk is your poison then you might want to consider this FCBD one-shot.

Only a short 14-page FCBD book, it follows Lady Mechanika a young woman in Victorian England with mechanical limbs and no memory how she got them. The story is actually a reprint of a much earlier title by Joe Benitez who you might want to look into his other titles if this genre suits you.

Another title which looks like it will be sought after on FCBD but dont expect to see it everywhere.

Rating - In Demand

13FCBD 2017 Incal

If you want to step out of your mainstream comic comfort zone can we suggest this title as an introduction to a series of graphic novels put together by a French team.

Definitely more sci-fi than superhero and showing interest in our pre-FCBD pull numbers this looks like something new for you to try on FCBD. And if you like it, there is a rich amount of existing work also in the same ‘Jodoverse’ for you to try.

Rating - In Demand

14FCBD 2017 Viz Legend Zelda Twilight Princess Ocarina Time

If you can tear yourself away from your Switch long enough (or maybe you are just playing while waiting in line) you might want to know about this Zelda FCBD edition.

Containing excerpts from both the ‘Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess’ and ‘Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’ manga books, if you are looking for a way to incorporate more Zelda into your life then try and hunt this one down on FCBD.

Rating - Trending

15FCBD 2017 Dark Horse Briggs Land James Cameron Avatar

Definitely, the major title for Dark Horse Comics this FCBD gives you a double feature of Avatar and Briggs Land.

You are going to see a lot of Avatar in the future with the theme park world just opening and the future movies being confirmed with release windows. If you want to go back Pandora without rewatching the original this is the way to go.

Briggs Land is currently in production for a series to air on AMC (same network as the Walking Dead). The good news here being if you like the FCBD edition there is plenty of Dark Horse trades to keep you going until the series airs.

Rating - Trending

16FCBD 2017 Boom Studios Summer Blast

IF you only pick up one comic outside your comfort zone on FCBD you may want to grab this one with not just one but three titles inside.

With short stories from the Mouse Guard and Brave Chef Brianna as well as Lumberjane’s Coady and the Creepies, this title is an all ages title which might give you some new things to get you out of your comic reading rut.

Rating - Trending

17FCBD 2017 Dark Horse All Ages Buffy High School & PvZ

If you want to go back to the age of Buffy when Mr. Pointy was but a twig, then the All Ages Buffy will scratch that itch.

Taking Buffy back to when Buffy was still learning her trade, if you like Kel McDonald’s take on the high school slayer you can hunt down the other ‘High School Years’ trades also by Dark Horse Comics.

Rating - Trending

18FCBD 2017 Viz Dragon Ball Super & Boruto

Seriously, we could give you a recap on why you might want to pick this one up… but just read about it here.

Rating - Trending

19FCBD 2017 Attack On Titan

Set before the first Attack on Titan this FCBD edition not only contains a never before seen story but details on season two.

Even if you are more into anime than comics, if you are into Attack on Titan you are going to want to find a FCBD edition of this.

Rating - Trending

20Future Fan Comics

Like we mentioned Free Comic Book Day is the last day for you to donate to the Future Fan Project to get comics into literacy programmes for underprivileged kids. If you are in a participating store you can also buy some Future Fan marked comics to donate (if you don’t want to give up your own).

Future Fan marked comics are also good for getting your friends hooked. While there are a range of kid-friendly comics for FCBD that you can pickup like Bongo Comics Free-for-all, Spongebob Freestyle Funnies, Barbie, Sonic, Animal Jam (published by National Geo) and DC Super Hero Girls Summer Olympus there is a world of comics out there and FCBD is the day to encourage others.

Also if your store isn’t participating in the Future Fan Project, maybe ask them if they are going to be part of it for 2018.

Rating - Get them Hooked Young

Full List

FCBD 2017 2000 AD Special Special
FCBD 2017 Animal Jam
FCBD 2017 Attack On Titan
FCBD 2017 Bad Machinery
FCBD 2017 Ballad of Franklin Bonisteel
FCBD 2017 Barbie
FCBD 2017 Betty and Veronica #1
FCBD 2017 Bongo Comics Free-for-all
FCBD 2017 Boom Fresh Off the Boat
FCBD 2017 Boom Studios Summer Blast
FCBD 2017 Catalyst Prime the Event
FCBD 2017 Chapterhouse Captain Canuck
FCBD 2017 Colorful Monsters
FCBD 2017 Dark Horse All Ages Buffy High School & Pvz
FCBD 2017 Dark Horse Briggs Land James Cameron Avatar
FCBD 2017 DC Comics Gold Book
FCBD 2017 DC Comics Silver Book
FCBD 2017 Defend Comics
FCBD 2017 Doctor Who
FCBD 2017 Fantagraphics Worlds Greatest
FCBD 2017 Graphix Spotlight Time Shifters
FCBD 2017 Grimm Fairy Tales HALLOWEEN SPECIAL 2012 #1
FCBD 2017 Guardians of the Galaxy #1
FCBD 2017 Guy Delisle & Findakly Trondheim
FCBD 2017 Hildas Back
FCBD 2017 I Hate Image
FCBD 2017 Incal
FCBD 2017 Keyser Soze the Rift
FCBD 2017 Kid Savage
FCBD 2017 Lady Mechanika
FCBD 2017 Looking Glass Wars Crossfire
FCBD 2017 Loud House
FCBD 2017 Malika Warrior Queen
FCBD 2017 Miraculous Illus Tales Lady Bug & Cat Noir
FCBD 2017 Monster High
FCBD 2017 Overstreet Guide To Collecting
FCBD 2017 Rick & Morty
FCBD 2017 Secret Empire #1
FCBD 2017 Sonic: Genesis of A Hero
FCBD 2017 Spill Night
FCBD 2017 Spongebob Freestyle Funnies
FCBD 2017 Star Trek Tng Mirror Broken
FCBD 2017 Steam Wars Strike Leader
FCBD 2017 Street Fighter V Wrestling Special Special
FCBD 2017 Tex Patagonia
FCBD 2017 the Tick
FCBD 2017 TMNT Prelude To Dimension X
FCBD 2017 Underdog
FCBD 2017 Viz Dragon Ball Super & Boruto
FCBD 2017 Viz Legend Zelda Twilight Princess Ocarina Time
FCBD 2017 Xo Manowar Special Special