Creator Spotlight: 5 Questions with Ben Lynskey


If you ever need to murder someone with a lead pipe or some rope in the study or dining room then Ben Lynskey should be your first call. Ben is the designer for a live action version of Cluedo set on a paddle steamer which has already had a sell out first date in Brisbane. So take 5 and learn a little bit more about what it takes to kill Mr Body.

What are you playing right now? I’m playing a lot of D&D at the moment (as well as Mass Effect and a bunch of other PC games). I play a half-elf paladin named Roxas in a campaign with my friends. Also while devising the Cluedo show I DMed a campaign set in the 1930s based off D&D 5e with the police characters in the cast to help develop teamwork and back stories!

Who or what is the Cluedo show? ‘Cluedo! The Interactive Game’ is our attempt to bring the Cluedo board game to life. It’s a glamorous party with food and live music, it’s a promenade theatre experience, and at the end of the day it’s a game! A murder mystery game where the whole of the Kookaburra Queen showboat is the game board and the guides leading you around are the pieces.

We have actors playing all the classic Cluedo characters and the boat set up with the rooms. When designing the game I worked with the director Xanthe Jones and the production designer Siobhan Batt to try to keep it as true to the board game as possible within the theatre realm. To solve the murder you need to ask questions and search for clues and it ends up being a process of elimination to get to the answer (just like real Cluedo).

Also like the game is that we randomly select the killer before each show and only the killer knows, the rest of the cast are in the dark! We even got to use the official rights to Cluedo from Hasbro so our version, ‘Cluedo! The Interactive Game’, is within the Hasbro canon. 

Apart from your Cluedo show what should everyone be looking out for in local Australian gaming? Netherworld in Brisbane is very exciting to me. It’s a bar with a bunch of classic arcade game machines and pinball machines, as well as a bunch of board games and space to play. Being able to go out to the valley with friends and get a table top gaming fix of old classics and rare games without paying loads buying them is awesome. 

Major prediction for pop culture 12 months from now? I think that the hype around Rick and Morty will bring back the special Szechuan Sauce at McDonalds. 

Best last thing you ate? I’ve never had McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce so I will have to say Japanese food at Wagaya in the (Brisbane) valley.

And that is 5! The first session of Cluedo has already sold out completely but fortunately, you can get your hands on the second chance in Brisbane if you are quick.