Can’t get to BAM11 in Melbourne this Weekend? Couch Warriors to have 9 Live Twitch Streams so you don’t miss out


In case you missed our What’s On this week Battle Arena Melbourne aka BAM11 is happening all weekend long in Melbourne. The big Couch Warriors event for the year, this is THE fighting game eSports tournament for Australia with right now over 1,000 players signed up for the $50,000 worth of prizes.

While tournament registration finishes today (Friday) you can still get entry to the event as a spectator but what about if you aren’t in Melbourne? Fortunately, this isn’t Couch Warrior’s first rodeo and all the major events will be streamed on the dedicated Twitch channels.

The full schedule can be found here on the Couch Warriors BAM11 site but if you are only interested in a particular game for some tricks, support your favourite player or the outcome of who is going to the EVO World Championships in Las Vegas. The dedicated Twitch channels for the games to be streamed live are:

If you can get along to the event you should definitely do it with there being plenty of spectator/non-competition events happening too including Cosplay (with guest Judge Astrokerrie), Indie Game demos and non-competition gaming including APEX, Quake Champions, Brawlhalla and Rocket League plus artist alley.

This is an awesome event now and sees more players every year but if you missed out or can’t make it to Melbourne for the weekend then scope out your competition, tape up your thumbs and get practising for next year.

Andrew B

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