Want to come help Geek Society AU?


We are always looking for talented volunteers who are enthusiastic about Pop Culture in Australia and want to help us with our core mission.

Whether it be as part of our correspondent writing staff or on our directly with charity based special projects, all roles are important and support our end goal of helping charities within Australia. We are always looking for writers and others to help support us in our core scope of pop culture as it relates to Australia including:

  • Comic book, anime, manga, books, cartoons, TV, gaming (video and board), collectables, cosplay, maker community and movie news
  • Pop Culture event coverage
  • Reviews and Interviews
  • Drone racing, eSports and Robot Fight Club

And that’s just where we are starting!


All news correspondents would be expected to follow the editorial charter for Geek Society AU including, but not limited to:

  • All content within the site must be related to Australia in terms of accessibility, availability or price. Everything that is given as information must be something residents of Australia can legally have access to as either a consumer or audience
  • All content must be verified and not rumour based
  • Articles must offer some level of value to the reader. Directly copying information from available sources is not permitted. Photos and content which can be attributed must include reference to the source either in text or by a caption
  • Editorial thought pieces are not part of the scope of content intended to be provided
  • Pop Culture is the main focus and while political agendas are not pushed all content is conveyed for the intent to promote openness and inclusion to allow people to play/watch/do/buy/see/try the information shared legally within Australia

Correspondents are allowed to include details of their own projects to assist in promotion and improve SEO for their own ventures however this is subject to approval should it not be something appropriate to our core mission of openness and inclusion as well as having impact to our charity based annual initiatives to which the news side supports.

Other critical roles

While correspondents are important to ensure new and fresh content is always made available for our readers and followers we also have other positions available including:

  • Social Media/Community Managers
  • Editorial staff
  • Promotional and Marketing

We will also be looking to expand our presence in Video/Streaming in the future where appropriate and are looking for individuals who are passionate about those fields.

Charity based initiatives

Critical to our mission is our charity based and special projects to which our news site is key to supporting and making known, but each project involves a lot of leg work as we want to continue using Pop Culture influence as a force for good. So far our charity initiatives have included:

  • 2017 Geek Society Pop Culture Guide/Cosplay Charity Calendar for SmartPups, training service dogs for special needs kids such as those with autism and seizure related syndromes
  • The Future Fan Project, our annual FCBD aligned comic book donation drive to donate comics to the Pyjama Foundation, running literacy programmes for underprivileged kids
  • And currently our 2018 Geek Society Pop Culture Guide which this year will be for BeyondBlue

Our charity based initiatives often require a lot of legwork but are core to the reason we exist.

If you want to join us as a correspondent send us a sample or if you want to help with our special projects you can drop us a line and tell us what you like about what we are doing and how you would like to help.

While we encourage and want to support everyone please remember there is only so many positions we can fill so if you are unsuccessful we can only suggest you continue to support us so we can grow and try again later.

Andrew B

Current Resident of Reality C-137. Possible Robot from Westworld. Does lots of random stuff.