Welcome to the Future Fan Project


Tomorrow (April 8th) we kick off the first ever Future Fan Project which might also be the first project of this type every done in Australia.

What is the Future Fan Project?

The Future Fan project is our way of celebrating the countdown to Free Comic Book Day by helping to create future comic fans.

From April 8th until Free Comic Book Day on Saturday May 6th, we want you to help us by donating comics that will go to the Pyjama Foundation to use in literacy programs targeting kids and teens across Australia.

How can you help?

There are 3 ways you can donate:

  1. Take your unwanted comics to a Donation Location store
  2. Buy a ‘Future Fan OK’ marked comic in store to donate to a future fan
  3. You can donate towards an individual Donation Location’s Comic Fund in store. At the end of the donation period on Free Comic Book Day that store will purchase comics for the Pyjama Foundation on your behalf

What can you donate?

As the Pyjama Foundation focuses on young readers all the way up to teen there are some limits on what we can pass on. So we are using the current DC/Marvel rating system as a guide.

While this rating system is present on older titles, those carrying the Comic Code Authority Mark can be considered OK to be donated. If you aren’t sure, donation location stores can also check the titles to let you know if they are OK to be donated.

Where can you donate?

As this is the first year we have done this we are limiting to only a few locations in Brisbane and Melbourne, but if successful we hope to do this annually across the country. So where can you donate?



I’m not near a donation location but I really want to help!

If you really want to support this and want your local comic store to as well, get them to contact us and we can see what we can do. But rest assured, if this goes well we will expand the locations next year so getting your local comic store on board can’t hurt.

If you are really remote and really really want to donate you can post your donations to us and we will get them to a donation location. Our postal address is:

Geek Society AU
Future Fan Project
PO Box 3620
Loganholme, Q 4129

Make sure your donations are suitable per the guidelines above so we don’t have to send them back to you.

The Future Fan Project runs as a countdown to Free Comic Book Day and can only be a success with your help. If you can get into one of our donation locations during the 4 week countdown then do! If you can’t, you can still help by sharing this with as many people as you can so they can help!