Why you should be Reading Papergirls

Paper Girls Teaser Image

What is it?
Paper Girls is an ongoing comic written by Brian K. Vaughan (Y: The Last Man, Sex Criminals, Saga) and illustrated by Cliff Chiang (Wonder Woman) published by Image Comics.

The main characters are 4 paper delivery girls on the night
before Halloween in 1988. Whilst in the middle of some classic 80’s troupes the girls are accosted by a pair who don’t appear to speak any language they know and are being pursued by another equally odd group.

At the end of the first issue you are left with more questions then answers with the girls finding one of the antagonists has dropped an Apple Device.

Wait, What?
Yes we are talking Time travel and not in a teased out plot device sort of way. We are talking major spoilers to get too far into it, but so far in the series (without spoilers) we have seen future versions, doppelgangers, wormholes, dinosaurs and Godzilla sized half sloth half ring worm monsters.

This is not a series you can just jump into on any issue but it is good. Eisner Award winning best new series for 2016 good.

The series as far as we can tell is in it’s own standalone universe much like Y: The Last Man or Saga there is no ‘pre-reading’ to understand any characters backstory. This is as self contained as it gets.

How do I get into it?
Paper Girls is an ongoing monthly series which is already up to Issue #11 at the time of writing this. You could go and hunt the first 10 issues in your local comic store individually or alternatively as the two trade paperback versions collecting #1-5 and Volume 2 with issues #5-10.

Get it if you like…
If you like Stranger Things, Time Travel, the 1980’s or Apple Products.