What’s On: Oct 30 – Nov 5

This week Jack Ryan and His Dark Materials drop for your streaming, Arnie is back again, ComiXpo in Melbourne and quite possibly the biggest...

What’s On: Oct 23 – 29

Need a short week to recharge your batteries between cons? Don't there is still plenty of Zombies, Steve King and what the? Bojack Horseman!?...

What’s On: Oct 16 – 22

This week who watches the Watchmen? Probably you because it's out next week but first we have Zombieland 2, the Australian Nationals for Robowars...

What’s On: Oct 9 – 15

If you like TV shows about Brendan Fraiser as a brain in a Robot body, Cosplay, Video Gaming and Tabletop in Melbourne or have...

What’s On: Oct 2 – 8

Batwoman Begins, the Joker in Cinemas, Madfest Perth with a side order of Adelaide Comic and Toy Fair, Ballarat PopCon and LEGO events for...

What’s On: Sep 25 – Oct 1

From Anime and Manga in Darwin's GeeCon to Agent Carter at Sydney's OzComicCon to the final of Preacher in streaming with a little bit...

What’s On: Sep 18 – 24

Arr! It be talk like a Pirate Day this week and.. we honestly don't have that many pirate based events to tell you, about...

What’s On: Sep 11 – 17

The Melbourne Madman Anime Festival returns, Steampunk in Adelaide with the Australian Tetris Championships in Sydney, Tabletop at Go Play in Brisbane and a...

What’s On: Sep 4 – 10

Fairies and Monsters in a Victorian Murder Mystery on Amazon Prime, Stephen King in Cinemas, the Sydney SciFi Film Festival and that is all...

What’s On: Aug 28 – Sep 3

The Dark Crystal on Netflix! Evolve in Perth! the Melbourne eSports Open! Look, there is just a lot happening this week so take the...

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