Building Blocks for the Moon: ESA’s Space LEGO go on Display in Sydney


Well know that LEGO is one of the best things in the whole world but now the European Space Agency (ESA) is going a step further and making it the best thing on the Moon too.

With the Artemis missions aiming to establish a permeant moon base before 2030 the idea of how to build habits in space or other planets has been a topic that has had plenty of attention for decades. While 3D printing has been popular on orbiting human habitats like the International Space Station the issue with this in building colonies on Mars or the Moon has been the need to take materials for the 3D printer to work with.

ESA Rendering of a possibly Moon BaseThe ESA has taken a different approach specifically when it comes to lunar colonies with a new approach inspired by LEGO. Using 3D printing techniques the ECA has printed “Space Bricks” using crushed meteorites to simulate the materials that are readly available on the moon. The intention being to create interlocking bricks that form part of the structures needed for a permanent moon base.

This is obviously a great move with the amount of weight saved by using materials that are there instead of having to launch them into space making a permanent base more and more achievable. BUT this is more than theory with the ESA already having created some bricks that are going to be displayed at various LEGO Stores around the globe including the Sydney LEGO store.

The particular Space bricks that will be on display come from a meteorite that was recovered in Northwest Africa and is about 4.5 million years old making it sorta the oldest LEGO in existence. If you want to find out more about how they were actually made you can check out the official LEGO page with a tiny bit more background.

The bricks will be on display from June 24th until the 20th of September if you are in Sydney and can make it to the Pitt St store you can see the space bricks in person and maybe give you an excuse to pick up that Artemis LEGO launch set to get you hyped for the Moon base.

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