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Welcome to 2020 Cosplay Fans!

We have a big year ahead of us and there is tons to do so before we waste any more time let us bring you our first new CosFriday Cosplayer for the year all the way from Perth. Say Hi to the Perth Magician!

What’s your name & how old are you? Derrek and age is a mystery haha

How long have you been cosplaying? Three years properly

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What inspired you to start cosplaying? I found the con experience to be completely different and more fun when I wore a morph suit for the first time. And then decided to build my own costume after that.

What was your First Cosplay? Alolan Exeggcutor is my first big one, but I did build a Tony Stark arm and chest plate first.

What is your most recent cosplay? Sinestro and Hokage Mountain

What cosplays are you currently working on? Galarian Weezing (pokemon) and a Geralt (Witcher)/Colonel Sanders cross over

Photo by House of Geekery

Who are your favourite cosplayers in the community? On Insta my friends like carastrophiccreates, Darkforce Cosplay, recondistrict and chloeclogs

Who else do you want to cosplay? So many, I want to do the entire avengers in one costume.

Tell us an odd fact about yourself! I collect vinyl records and am a magician

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Andrew B

Current Resident of Reality C-137. Possible Robot from Westworld. Does lots of random stuff.