The True Children of Chaos March on the Mortal Realms…


The next Battletome for Age of Sigmar is almost here! The Beastmen (and friends) arrive in style with some new additions to their lineup to accompany the release of the Battletome. This is the fist new book to be released for the new edition of Age of Sigmar since the new Nighthaunt faction and an updated Battletome for Stormcast Eternals. A classic faction from the world-that-was makes its debut in the mortal realms.

Battletome: Beasts of Chaos has all of the warscrolls, allegiance abilities, two spell lores, aretfacts, and battalions to organise your army of Chaos beasts. There’s a wide variety of Beastmen units, Dragon Ogors, and even the Jabberslythe in this book. There’s also Tzaangor, for followers of The Changer of Ways looking for something a little bit different.

There are various options to create your Beasts of Chaos army, including batallions specifically devoted to each of the four ruinous powers. If an all-Khorngor army is your dream, this Battletome can help. There’s plenty of inspiration inside the battletome itself, or you can check out Pinterest or Instagram for some stunning work.

Releasing alongside the battletome is a start collecting box. The Start Collecting! Beasts of Chaos box is a great way to start a new army, or bolster an existing one. Also to be released are the endless spells (which look great), a new Herdstone model, dice and Wascroll cards.

Battletome: Beasts of Chaos, Endless Spells, Warscroll cards and Start Collecting! set releases Saturday September 22nd.