Creator Spotlight: 5 Questions with Chad, creator of Interstellar Mercenary


Adventure awaits in the new tabletop RPG Interstellar Mercenary. With a unique sci-fi spin, and some stellar artwork, this is one kickstarter project to watch out for. Let’s take 5 with Chad, the galactic overlord/creator of I.S.M.

What are you [playing/reading/watching] right now? I only really have time for one game in my life so that is certainly InterStellar Mercenary right now. Although I did recently purchase Faith (another RPG) which I’m hoping to get into. Other than that I’ll be reading and watching all things sci-fi/fantasy/action – good fight and action choreography is definitely what I love to watch. Recent shout out to Alita: Battle Angel.

Who or what is InterStellar Mercenary? Why is it important? I.S.M. is truly something different. When I started I.S.M. up over 2 years ago I had no RPG experience so it really took some unique pathways that I haven’t seen before.

It’s a gritty, tactical, team-based table-top RPG set on an alien world where you get to be the monster! You play an Interstellar Mercenary (I.S.M.), part of an elite team of hired killers and specialists in the service of the feudal Kisrian Empire. Ex-serial murderers, thieves, cyborgs, alien-hybrid creations, cyber-terrorists, disgraced royalty and cerebral warriors all have a place on the team, provided the Empire deems your ‘talents’ useful enough. To further complicate matters each mercenary has their own hidden agenda or motivation for joining the I.S.M. which may ultimately bring down the Empire you were enlisted to protect, or your fellow mercenaries.

Check out the kickstarter for more.

Apart from your game what should everyone be looking out for in  local  Australian Pop Culture? I’d like to see more Australians use platforms like Kickstarter to do their shopping, to look for something new and innovative. It’s hard to get a new idea off the ground. Young artists in all forms of entertainment are trying to be the next breakout but it is hard. I would like to see even more support for Australian artists. We are a small country, sometimes it’s hard to get noticed.

Major prediction for Pop Culture 12 months from now? More of a hope than a prediction but I’d love to see more old school gaming come back. I love video games but they don’t compare to the social interactions you have with a group of friends and family sitting around a table. Way too much solo gaming out there!

Best last thing you ate? A big meal of greasy KFC, yeah its bad for you but it still tastes amazing!

And that’s 5! You can follow and support the live kickstarter, check out the website, and follow them on facebook.