Carrion Empire Surprise


Games Workshop’s latest Age of Sigmar announcement brings some welcome news for players. The Carrion Empire boxed set will be accompanied by updates for both factions. 

Since the Carrion Empire boxed set was teased, speculation emerged about the upcoming releases for both factions inside the box. Now we know for sure what is coming, up for pre-order next week.

Carrion Empire is loaded with models from Skaven and Flesh Eater Courts, and includes an exclusive miniature for each side. For the Flesh Eater Courts, that’s the Abhorrant Archregent, and a Warlock Bombardier for the Skaven.

The Skaven and Flesh Eater Courts will both receive a new Battletome for the latest edition of Age of Sigmar. There are also a range of accessories announced.

The. Skaven faction, including all of its sub faction clans will be included in the new book. This includes Clan Pestilens, which did receive a Battletome in the previous edition of the game. There will also be new endless spells and a terrain piece(s) to join the faction. There are even some warpstone-laden dice. This looks like a great release for followers of the Horned Rat. It has been a long time coming, but it will surely be worth the wait. Whether you are from Clan Skryre, Eshin, or even Moulder, it’s a great time to be a giant rat. Yes-yes.

The Flesh Eater Courts are also getting a suite of new releases. Just like the Skaven, there will be new endless spells and a faction terrain piece. Throw open the gates of your decrepit palace and let the feast begin!

This will be the first update for a new AoS faction since the Stormcast Eternals received an update with the latest edition. Whether this means that other older factions will receive the same treatment has not yet been announced. AoS players will just have to wait and see.

Carrion Empire, the Battletomes, Endless Spells, and faction terrain will be available for pre-order from next week. If you don’t already have a new army for the new year, this might be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.