This Week in Games: Sep 24 – 29


This week in games the Australian developed Hollow Knight and Think of the Children make their Xbox/PlayStation debutes and Forza hits early release. But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

Starting off your week on Tuesday if your PSVR has been gathering dust in the corner then put on some eye of the tiger as Creed: Rise to Glory is released for PS4, Vive and Oculus Rift. We have played some boxing games on the PS4 before with the move controllers and that 1:1 tracking does really give you more of a work out than the Wii doggy paddle style boxing.

On Wednesday for PS4 if you were waiting to play the second season of Life is Strange when it was complete then good news as the Complete Season drops this week. Got an XBox One or get your games through Steam? You aren’t missing out either as starting Friday the first episode is dropping for you to work your way through too.

Finally making it’s way from the Switch to XBox One and PlayStation 4 is Hollow Knight. This metroidvania style is one of our favourites and developed by Adelaide based Team Cherry. Pick it up on Wednesday for XBox and Thursday for PlayStation.

Technically not releasing until next week but on Saturday your preorder for Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition will unlock on the XBox One, 4 days early than the official release. The Forza series continues to be one of the great exclusives for XBox showing off the XBox One X power with the dynamic weather system in the latest game.

Honourable Mention: And our honorable mention this week is definitely the Brisbane developed Think of the Children getting an XBox One release date this Thursday. Already out for Steam this voxel style game will have you working through rescuing


If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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Zeal (Pre-Alpha Demo) (Steam)
HEVN (Steam)

Creed: Rise to Glory (PSVR/Steam VR)
Valkyria Chronicles 4 (Switch/PS4/XB1)
FIFA 19 (Switch/PS4)
Fishing Sim World (PS4)
Vagrant Fury (Steam)
Biodigital (Steam VR)
ReThink 2 (Steam)
Chocolate makes you happy: Halloween (Steam)
♞ The Tactics of War ♞ (Steam)
Hentai: The Shell Game (Steam)
Pixel Royale (Steam)
Hentball (Steam)
Tales of the Wedding Rings VR (Steam VR)
A Top-Down Job: Blood Gain (Steam)
30 days to survive (Steam)
Quixzel Rush Pumpkin Bash (Steam)
Cat Demon Island (Steam)
酒店 (Steam)
Plunder Squad (Steam)
One Piu Day (Steam)
Wasteland Rampage (Steam)
Deity Empires (Steam)
SpaceTone (Steam)
The Conjuring House (Steam)
Big Day (Steam)
Action Card Football (Steam)
The Steadfast VR Challenge (Steam VR)
Red and Blue ~ Cycles of Existence (Steam)
The last soldier (Steam)
Sufoco (Steam)
Land of Puzzles: Elven Princess (Steam)
Pathfinder: Kingmaker (Steam)
Blood Card (Steam)

Life is Strange 2 Complete Season (PS4)
Hollow Knight (XB1)
Warface (XB1)
Valkyria Chronicles 4 (Steam)
Became The Hunted (Steam)
Little Bug (Steam)
Crisis VRigade (Steam VR)
GRAL (Steam)
Parkasaurus (Steam)
Hotel Transylvania Popstic (Steam)
Skater Cally (Steam)
Battle Of Britain (Steam)
Subject 264 (Steam VR)
Shoot’n’Scroll 3D (Steam)
Buy Low Sell High (Steam)
The Cat and the Coup (4K Remaster)
Timespinner (Steam)
V-Rally 4 (Steam)
Galactic Tree Frog (Steam)
Street Racing (Steam)
海底寻宝 (Steam VR)
雨鸦 – You are my sanctuary (Steam)
无主之地:银河 4X-Galaxy (Steam)
Dragon valley (Steam)
The Twiggles VR (Steam VR)
侠隐行录:困境疑云 – Wuxia archive: Crisis escape (Steam)
Expedia Cenote VR (Steam VR)
Battlerite Royale (Steam)
Premium Bowling (Steam VR)
Drift Stunt Racing 2019 (Steam)
A Mars Adventure: Redturtle (Steam VR)
LET IT DIE (Steam)
Technolites: Episode 1 (Steam)
Wall Walker (Steam VR)
The Desert’s Rose (Steam VR)

Hollow Knight (PS4)
Jack N’ Jill DX (XB1)
Pillar (XB1)
Pizza Titan Ultra (XB1)
Think of the Children (XB1)
Red Faction Guerrilla Remarstered (PS4/XB1)
Total War Warhammer: Dark Gods Edition (PC Retail)
Titan Quest (Switch)
Trials of The Illuminati: Snack Time Jigsaw Puzzles (Steam)
Puzzle Monarch: Nile River (Steam)
AS+CEND (Steam)
Cat Fu Mi (Steam)
BreakHack (Steam)
Blood ‘n Bikinis (Steam)
Path to Mnemosyne (Steam)
Shallow Swing (Steam)
Negative Type (Steam)
Johnny Rocket (Steam)
Drunk Puppet (Steam)
Snowball Saves Summer (Steam)
T3 – Take the Turn (Steam)
The Works of Mercy (Steam)
Smart Factory (Steam)
Storm of Jigsaw Puzzles (Steam)
Russia Simulator (Steam)
Snuffles and Co. (Steam)
怪奇幻想夢物語 怪獣綺譚 桜蛇伝 (Steam)
Cthulhu Mythos RPG -The Sleeping Girl of the Miasma Sea- (Steam)
Zero Sum Future (Steam)
Nuclear Powered Toaster (Steam)
The Ballad Singer (Steam)
oOo: Ascension (Steam)
Reignfall (Steam)
Pig Eat Ball (Steam)
Couch Party Game Night (Steam)
Never Breakup (Steam)
Late at night (Steam)
INSOMNIA: The Ark (Steam)
I’m not a Monster (Steam)
Broken Reality (Steam)
Mana Spark (Steam)

Life is Strange 2: Episode 1 (XB1/Steam)
Dragonball FighterZ (Switch)
Labyrinth of Refrain – Coven of Dusk (Switch/PS4)
Namco Museum Arcade PAC (Switch)
Friday the 13th Ultimate Slasher Edition (PS4/XB1)
Legendary Fishing (Switch)
Dakar 18 Day One Edition (PS4/XB1)
Tower Hunter:Erza’s Trial (Steam)
Quixzel Rush: Christmas Helper (Steam)
Depth of Extinction (Steam)
Cubeverse (Steam)
Wandersong (Steam)
International Basketball Manager (Steam)
Bee Simulator (Steam)
Resynth (Steam)
!BurnToDie! (Steam)
Super Furi Puzzles (Steam)
Love Hentai: Sexy Body (Steam)
Industry Giant (Steam)
Speedy Girls – Dream Team (Steam)
DingDingDing (Steam)
Looking_for_food (Steam)
Attractorache (Steam)
Ruins War (Steam)
Tiger Striker (Steam)
Endless Battle (Steam)
Tale of Legends -伝創記- (Steam)
Jellyfish Season (Steam)
Dance Collider (Steam VR)
Koropokkur in Love ~A Little Fairy’s Tale~ (Steam)
Eximius: Seize the Frontline (Steam)
Dimension Drifter (Steam)
Eternal Fantasy (Steam)
Hum Drum Experiences (Steam)
Caretaker (Steam)
Nocturne of Steel (Steam)
Solid Aether (Steam)
Sunny Shine Funland! (Steam)
Iron Ladies 2048 (Steam)
Undelivered (Steam)
Keyhole Spy: Hot Nurses (Steam)
Trains of the Orient (Steam)
Death Trader: Cold War (Steam)
Wheelbarrow Warrior (Steam)
Food Drive (Steam)
Spotter (Steam)
Idle Dungeons (Steam)
Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna (Steam)

Amnesia: Collection (XB1)
Catastronauts (XB1)
Deadliners (XB1)
FIFA 19 (XB1)
Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition (XB1)
Vegas Party (XB1)
Fishing Sim World (PC Retail)
Quixzel Rush: Tooth Protector (Steam)
Trapnoid 2 (Steam)
The Necklace Of Blood Part II (Steam)
Thrill Rollercoasters (Steam VR)
Asteroid Fight (Steam)
Tactics Maiden Remastered (Steam)
The Hot Dog would Explode (Steam)
Saturnine (Steam)
Speedway Challenge Career (Steam)
ZeroRanger (Steam)
Alchemia (Steam)
Hiking Simulator 2018 (Steam)
In the Village of Grandfather: Summer,Sun,Heat. (Steam)
Thy Knights Of Climbalot (Steam)
21 (Steam)
morphe (Steam)
Five Seconds of Bad Music (Steam)
Lucy Got Problems (Steam)
Hentai Legends (Steam)
Beach Pong (Steam)
CUBE 332 (Steam)
Find The Balance (Steam)
Ms. Squeaker’s Home for the Sick (Steam)
NOSTOI (Steam)
Catastronauts (Steam)
Rabbit of Destiny (Steam)
CuberPunk 2089 (Steam)
The Battle Of Bellum (Steam)
The Legend Of Vraz (Steam)
BOLSOMITO 2K18 (Steam)
Dawn of China: Rise of Qin (Steam)
Little Memories (Steam)
Gym Simulator (Steam)
神社的百合香 ~ Floral Aroma in the Shrine (Steam)
My Fox Sister|我的妖狐妹妹 (Steam)
The detective ChuLin (Steam)
夏荷 | Summer Lotus (Steam)
Pool 2D – Poolians (Steam)
The detective ChuLin (Steam)
Dueling Dungeon (Steam)
Cine Tracer (Steam)
Conjure Strike (Steam VR)
Little World Of Creatures (Steam)
Tactics Rogue (Steam)
Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution (Steam)
The Lift (Steam)
Thief Bird (Steam VR)
Hentai Epic Puzzles (Steam)
HotPuzzle:Grils (Steam)
中国式家长 / Chinese Parents (Steam)
Voltage (Steam)
Antiquitas (Steam)