This Week in Games: Sep 10 – 15


Tomb Raiding and more cardboard kits from Nintendo are just some of the awesomeness you have to look forward to this week. But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

Friday is the final chapter in the new young Lara trilogy with Shadow of the Tomb Raider being released for the PlayStation 4 and XBox One. Not just limited to raiding tombs and jungles this new chapter also includes a hidden city hub which is the largest hub space for any Tomb Raider game. Regardless we are just happy for whatever gets us more time with our favourite Tomb Raider.

Also on Friday the next cardboard kit from Nintendo arrives. The Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit adds a steering wheel to the growing line of cardboard controllers for your Nintendo Switch which also comes with a pretty cool looking open world vehicle based game.

Saturday you can scratch your Disney gaming itch with not one but two games out from the house of the mouse. Rush: A Disney • PIXAR Adventure and Disneyland Adventures were both previously released as XBox One Enhanced titles but are now also available via Steam. We can’t help but get some cancelled Disney Infinity vibes from both.

Honourable Mention: And to round out your week if you need something simple and a little retro to widdle away at your idle hours we can suggest Alien Invaders on Steam out this Saturday. This is a graphical update to the classic Space Invaders which we always have time for.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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The 7th Circle (Steam)
Exo-Adventures (Steam)
Deadly Zone (Steam)
Card Battle Spirit Link (Steam)
Slither Link (Steam)
Omicroid (Steam)
Neon Spaceboard (Steam)

NBA 2K19 (Switch/PS4/XB1)
Owlboy Limited Edition (PS4 Retail)
Burning Instinct (Steam)
Vinylove (Steam)
Tiny Battle Simulator (Steam)
Pixel Royale (Steam)
Mad Restaurant People (Steam)
Київ: з ранку до світанку з Lenovo Explorer (Steam VR)
Legend of Assassin: Jungle (Steam)
Intelligence: Dogs (Steam)
Miner Ultra Wild Tides (Steam)
Long Road (Steam)
Love Games (Steam)
Bronepoezd (Steam)
Hentai Weed PuZZles (Steam)
Hacked: Hentai prison (Steam)
Lawless Lands (Steam)
New Dawn (Steam)
街头英雄 (Steam)
东方大战争 ~ Touhou Big Big Battle (Steam)
尸狱末日 Dead Prison (Steam VR)
Moral King (Steam)
Hop Step Sing! Nozokanaide Naked Heart (HQ Edition) (Steam VR)
Cardiganical (Steam)
The Lift (Steam)
Super Street: The Game (Steam)
Zup! Zero 2 (Steam)

Super Street: The Game (XB1)
Mummy on the run (Steam)
Welcome Back To 2007 2 (Steam)
Temple of the Lost (Steam)
Monster Farm (Steam)
HENTAI BATTLEGROUNDS ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (Steam)
Viki Spotter: Zoo (Steam)
Journalism class: PART 2 (Steam)
Welcome to Bummertown (Steam)
King of the Dead (Steam)
Assetto Corsa Competizione (Steam)
Mirror Angel’s Paradise (Steam)
30 days to survive (Steam)
Ozapell Mystery Text Adventure (Steam)
Samurai Wish (Steam)
HD Poker (Steam)
MochiMochi (Steam)
Biodigital (Steam)
Entre-Deux: Cursed (Steam)
Steven the Sperm (Steam)
Super Seducer 2 : Advanced Seduction Tactics (Steam)
Gift of Parthax (Steam)

Victor Vran: Overkill Edition (Switch)
Construction Simulator 2: Console Edition (XB1)
Adios Amigos (XB1)
Revenant Dogma (XB1)
Fossil Hunters (XB1)
Time Carnage (XB1)
Breathedge (Steam)
Russpuppy Kid Games (Steam)
Betweenside (Steam)
The Twiggles VR (Steam VR)
Boobs Puzzle ~| 胸部拼图 (Steam)
Blood ‘n Bikinis (Steam)
Gamer Sensei’s Range Royale (Steam)
Knocking on her door (Steam)
World’s Greatest Cities Mosaics (Steam)
Construction Simulator 2 US – Pocket Edition (Steam)
Entangled (Steam)
Cube Full of Mines (Steam)
Hentai Strike 1.6 (Steam)
Tasty Shame in Silver Soul! (Steam)
ADIOS Amigos (Steam)
Doll of Resurrection (Steam)
Rocket of Whispers: Prologue (Steam)
Gun Rage (Steam)
JJBoom (Steam)
Neonwall (Steam VR)
怪奇幻想夢物語 怪獣綺譚 朧十夜 (Steam)
Time Carnage (Steam)
The Orphaned Soul (Steam)
Everyday Baseball VR (Steam VR)
Bunny Battle Arena (Steam)
Noble Armada: Lost Worlds (Steam)
The Twelve Trials (Steam)
Megaquarium (Steam)
BFF or Die (Steam)
The Warriorlock™ (Steam)
Lamplight City (Steam)
Chiaro and the Elixir of Life (Steam VR)

Shadow of the Tomb Raider (PS4/XB1)
Immortal Unchained (XB1/PS4)
Megaquarium (PC Retail)
Black Clover Quartet Knights (PS4)
Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit (Switch)
NHL 19 (PS4/XB1)
Fishing Sim World (PS4)
Old School Musical (Steam)
Rebound VR (Steam VR)
Jewel Match Twilight Solitaire (Steam)
Steel Empire (Steam)
Korvux (Steam)
Chewbrick (Steam)
Jar Sam (Steam)
Robikon (Steam)
Mutual Secret (Steam)
Sudoku Jigsaw (Steam)
O! Nalchik is my favourite place (Steam)
Frozen Synapse 2 (Steam)
COLINA: Legacy (Steam)
Evening Star (Steam)
Riddles of the Owls Kingdom (Steam)
RAZ (Steam)
Find The Balance (Steam)
The young mathematician: Easy difficulty (Steam)
Wrath of the Goliaths: Dinosaurs (Steam)
CryptoFarm (Steam)
Jisei (Steam)
Kansei (Steam)
Yousei (Steam)
Escape Black Orion VR (Steam)
武林志(Wushu Chronicles) (Steam)
Brainstorm (Steam)
ChromaSquares (Steam)
Where Humans Shouldn’t Go (Steam)
Thick Light 2 (Steam)

Fishing Sim World (XB1)
Neonwall (PS4)
Razed (XB1)
Nefarious (XB1)
Gonner (XB1)
R.A.I.D. (Steam)
Hentai Hexa Mosaic (Steam)
Angel and Devil,ninja,sushi,tempura,panda and the statue of liverty (Steam)
RAZED (Steam)
RUSH: A Disney • PIXAR Adventure (Steam)
Disneyland Adventures (Steam)
Boom Bits (Steam)
Sabreurs – A Noble Duel (Steam)
Alien Invaders (Steam)
Obliteracy (Steam)
Super Lucky’s Tale (Steam)
ReCore: Definitive Edition (Steam)
Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection (Steam)
Shooter Game (Steam)
Railroad Tracks (Steam)
Speedway Challenge Career (Steam)
Axis Football 2018 (Steam)
Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Steam)
Kai Entity (Steam)
In the Village of Grandfather: Summer,Sun,Heat. (Steam)
SCARF (Steam)
Robo Runners (Steam)
Wandering Owl (Steam)
Zenith Hunter (Steam)
Frog Out! (Steam)
Viki Spotter: Professions (Steam)
Monkey King: Master of the Clouds | 中華大仙 (Steam)
Lucy Got Problems (Steam)
1 ⛷ 1 (Steam)
Gladio (Steam)
Victory At Sea Pacific (Steam)
My Fox Sister|我的妖狐妹妹 (Steam)
Money Master (Steam)
Dream Manor (Steam)
Home Security (Steam)
Smoker The Car Game (Steam)
Impossible VR Ninja (Steam VR)
Voltage (Steam)
Cute Girls (Steam VR)