Nintendo’s Cardboard Construction Kit LABO Adds Vehicle Controls in a new Kit


Nintendo’s Cardboard experiment LABO adding recyclable cardboard construction kits for your Nintendo Switch just got a bit bigger with the new set just announced adding steering/flying/sailing controls for your growing cardboard collection.

The third Toy-Con Kit (not including the customisation sticker set), the Vehicle Kit will add a steering wheel, joystick and submarine/boat like controls for you to use with the unnamed included game which we see in the trailer. Much like the other LABO sets half the fun of these is in the construction, you may not be constructing giant cardboard chariots but we have to admit we do love the accelerator pedal in the racing set and hope that support will be expanded to Mario Kart after release.

Priced similarly to the LABO Variety Kit, you will be able to pick up the new construction kit for $99.95 AUD at retail when it is released on September 14. Much like previous sets the new kit begs to be customised (unless you love that cardboard brown look) with Nintendo even opening up a customisation competition for Australian LABO owners to show off their designs.

While the game support is fairly limited we do like the idea of the LABO Kits and hope to see more developers have a “LABO” control mode over time but the new set definitely shows that Nintendo thinks that these cardboard accessory kits are here to stay. Now excuse us while we go clean the dust our pile of Guitar Hero accessories.

Andrew B

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