SDCC 2018 Final Day Wrap-up

Photo by Rudy Manahan © 2015 SDCC

And we hit the last day of SDCC with just a few house keeping events to let you know of. it’s been a pretty big Comic-Con this year even without Marvel taking over Hall H from Aquaman and Shazam to awesome shows like Deadly Class to a heap of new comics on the horizon.

If you happened to miss our Day One, Day Two AND Day Three complete coverage to see what you missed out on but let us give you the scoop of the final day of SDCC:


  • Godzilla King of Monsters gets yet another poster out of SDCC
  • Jeremy Renner/Hawkeye has teased appearing in Infinity War 2 over the weekend
  • And a fairly quiet final day for SDCC with only Predator and Deadpool getting panels with Deadpool panel talking about the new special edition cut which also includes Deadpool killing Hitler


  • Supergirl Season 4 is based on the Superman Red Son Elseworld’s title
  • Krypton Season 2 will see Doomsday unleashed
  • The Pilot script for the Judge Dredd TV series has been completed
  • The Purge is getting a TV series and it looks like that is happening soon with the trailer already out
  • Mega Man is getting an animated series (which is well timed with the Mega Man collections out this week)
  • Riverdale Season 3 got it’s SDCC Trailer (almost missing out on SDCC)
  • No Season 14 trailer for Supernatural but a SDCC catch-up on the story so far
  • And finally word on the street is that the Teen Titans Go to the Movies after credits includes a tease that the original Teen Titans series might be making a return


  • More details on Batman Damned, the first DC Black Label title with the mini-series to be a Batman/Constantine centric story
  • Mister Miracle won a bunch of Eisner Awards with Tom King for writing and Mitch Gerads for Pencilling
  • A slew of X-Men news with a new X-Men series Extermination is heading to shelves later this year along with the Return of Wolverine which follows the current Hunt for Wolverine books and the return of the Uncanny X-Men title which was light on details but probably will have more at NYCC in just a few months

And that’s it for 2018 SDCC there was plenty of things that didn’t hit SDCC this year and we are expecting a lot of the comic news to be part of NYCC in a few months time but you can expect that we will continue to bring you all the news for Pop Culture for Australia as it comes to hand.