Return of the Magic: The Gathering Core Set


A long time ago in a plane far, far away, Magic The Gathering was ready for a shakeup. Really, it was 2014, and it was on this plane of the multiverse, but I digress…

The Metamorphosis announcement in 2014 was for a major shakeup to how magic sets were going to be released. Up until this point, the release schedule had been mostly the same for over a decade. A new release schedule meant a different rotation cycle for the current sets in the standard format as well. This took some tweaking to get the balance just right, but something was still missing. A second Metamorphosis was needed to bring things back into focus.

In 2018, that something has finally fallen back into place. The core set is back! After a 3 year hiatus, a former staple of Magic The Gathering for decades is almost back in the hands of planeswalkers again.

The card set contains a bulk of classic staple cards like Cancel and Shock, but also includes an assortment of new cards including a brand new Planeswalker making their debut in this set.

The core set is a great way to get started in playing magic, a great reason to come back if you’ve been absent, and still great fun for regular players. The learning curve is quite friendly as this set is designed with new players in mind.

For anyone following the narrative, the core set does touch on the current story by expanding on the history of the main antagonist, Nicol Bolas. It is well worth a read, as a lot has been happening in the multiverse. Check out the story archive for yourself here.

MTG Core Set 2019 will have prerelease tournaments on July 7-8, with the full set release on July 13.