Live action Mario Kart is coming to the Streets of Brisbane


After recently finishing up in Melbourne the real life Mario Kart experience, Mushroom Racing is (finally) coming to Brisbane this November.

Having already toured both Sydney and Melbourne with huge success this cosplay meets real go-karting takes place in a secret location around Brisbane. Dressed as your favourite Mario Kart character (costume provided in the ticket price for the 20 lap race) you will live our your Bowser’s Castle dreams as you tear around the street race track.

Oh, there is one more thing. If you can complete the track in under 40 seconds there is a $1000 cash price. Sorry, you have to provide your own Star power-up.

Tickets for the Brisbane races have just opened and spots are limited. If you are 16 years and over and can find yourself in Brisbane on the 17th and 18th of November then jump over to Eventbrite to pick up your tickets. While not a new concept (you may have seen similar videos on YouTube in Japan) this is the only “legal” way to get the same action in Australia but race days are limited.

For more information and some links see some of the action from the Sydney and Melbourne races check out the Mushroom Racing site.