E3 2018: Nintendo Recap


And Day 4 of the pre-official E3 Press Conferences brings us up to the official start of E3 for Nintendo Direct. If you missed the EA, MicrosoftBethesda, Ubisoft and PlayStation make sure you catch our recaps to bring you up to speed.

Nintendo’s press conference was definitely the shortest coming in under an hour but this is more due to the fact that has regular Nintendo Direct’s every quarter. Nintendo started off pretty heavy with a metal soundtrack and gameplay for Daemon X Machina (2019 release) and then straight into a trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna.

Nintendo changed up this year’s E3 again. Last year being a single presentation in front of a banner in the E3 hall after giving up doing big stage presentations, Nintendo’s E3 direct was a more pre-taped/editted presentation.

With Nintendo America President Reggie Fils-Aimé we were walked through the new Pokemon Poké Ball Plus controller compatible with the Switch. This Poké Ball controller looks exactly like you think with a small button, analogue stick and speaker built in and work with Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! or Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! which are also being released on the same day, November 16 this year (for about $69.95AUD RRP for just the controller but available with the games for around the $129.95AUD mark). These games also have the ability to work with the Pokemon Go app.

Next we jumped into the trailer for the next edition of Super Mario Party for the Switch which is more than just the party games we have already seen with the Switch. The new edition allows the connection to other Nintendo Switches to create bigger and unique play areas for games as shown in the trailer. Mario Party is due October 5 this year.

Straight out of Mario Party we go to a trailer for the next Fire Emblem game which is coming to the Switch with Fire Emblem: Three Houses which offers the same turn based combat but on a bigger scale.

And in a move that should surprise no one, Fortnight is coming to Nintendo Switch. It’s available now and it’s available free from the Nintendo eShop so free up some space on your SDCard.

Nintendo then reiterated their support of Indie developers and jumped into talking about some of the new Indie games coming to the Switch with Overcooked 2 out in August and the arcade Killer Queen Black out later this year.

Also mentioned was Adelaide’s Team Cherry Hollow Knight which drops today for the Switch.

And finally for Indie Octopath Traveler which will also have a playable demo available later this month on the eShop.

From there we got another bunch trailers of games. Some we have already seen during E3 like Ubisoft’s Starlink Battle for Atlas, Mario+Rabbids: Donkey Kong, Wolfenstein II New Colossus, Just Dance 2019, FIFA 19 and most of the trailers above.

And some not like Arena of Valor, Minecraft/Mario DLC, Snail Games USA, Dragonball Fighter Z, Splatoon 2 DLC (Octo Expansion), Captain Toad Treasure Hunter, Crash Bandicoot NSane Trilogy plus a bunch more. You can watch that montage below but we do like the look of Captain Toad.

And this brings us up to only the halfway mark of the Nintendo direct full presentation and the big game for the presentation – Super Smash Bros Ultimate for the Switch.

The presentation was pretty detailed showing each character and when they appear in the series with all Super Smash Bros characters (64 we saw) plus one new character from the Metroid series to be available in game. You can look for your favourite below.

One of the big pieces of news for Smash Bros was support for Gamecube Controller + that all Amiibos for all characters in the game (even variant Amiibos of characters) will be supported. The Gamecube controller we know of right now is a special Smash Bros controller with USB, but we hope that a re-release of the Wii-U gamecube controller adapter that works with the Switch is coming with the December 7 release date.

And that’s it for the Nintendo Direct from E3. There was more Super Smash Bros. gameplay with the Nintendo Treehouse live after the presentation.

And that is the end of the main conferences! We will try to bring you any big news out of E3 but if you want more Nintendo you can watch the full Nintendo Direct presentation below.