E3 2018: Bethesda Recap


Day 2 of the pre-official E3 press conferences has drawn to a close and already we have seen stuff out of EA and Microsoft but there is still tons more to see.

Bethesda has already made a start with their E3 announcements by already dropping a Fallout 76 announcement and trailer nearly two weeks ago (plus joining the Microsoft/XBox press conference earlier today) and Rage 2 last month. So what can they fill an hour and a half press conference with? We got the recap to fill you in.

Starting with a small recap of all the Bethesda releases in the last 12 months, of which there is a lot, we start with the already announced thanks to the work of Walmart Canada – Rage 2. Bringing a live band out for a performance of a song we recognise from the game soundtrack/trailers.

After the performance we got a new trailer plus a look at some of the open world Rage 2 gameplay including some Mad Max like car combat and awesome looking FPS action.

Following this we jump to Elder Scrolls Legends the Elder Scrolls card based game. Announced for E3 is the update for the game with new visuals before a re-release later this year for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and XBox One (with all your progress from the mobile game being carried over to the console editions).

Sticking with Elder Scrolls, Elder Scrolls Online also got an E3 trailer. With the game being an MMO DLC is quite regular. Summerset only being recently released and additions already planned later this year, including Wolf Hunter the Warewolf based Dungeon DLC and another called Murkmire returning to Blackmarsh.

Next, if you have been waiting for the next chapter of Doom since the reboot then Bethesda dropped a Doom Eternal teaser just for you. The new title ramps up everything with more demons, hell on earth and teasing features that you will only be able to see at Quakecon in August.

From Doom to Quake Champions was also mentioned to have a big showing at Quakecon with a huge amount of eSports competitions planned. While still in early access, this week only you can pickup a copy of the free to play copy of Quake Champions and better yet if you do get the game this week you can continue to play after the games actual release for free (just without access to some extra packs that you can still purchase at a discount if you want). You can download and sign up here.

Keeping with FPS Prey is getting an update which is not only for Free but available right now adding Story Mode, New Game+ and Survival Mode. This was followed by a trailer for the first new standalone DLC for the game, Mooncrash.

And you can’t talk Bethesda FPS without Wolfenstein. Dropping that Wolfenstein 2 is coming to Nintendo Switch on June 29th before jumping to the next chapter in the Wolfenstein series with Youngblood. Youngblood has you playing as twin daughters that you can play solo OR coop. Youngblood is set for release next year.

Both Prey and Wolfenstein will also be getting the VR treatment. With Prey getting it through the upcoming DLC and Wolfenstein with Wolfenstein Cyberpilot. Cyberpilot allowing you to take over Nazi robots and turn them against their masters as part of Bethesda’s “never ending quest to bring the message of F*#& Nazis to every platform possible”.

Heading towards the end, and not to be outdone by all the “Skyrim on …” memes leading into this years E3 Bethesda had something in store. With Skyrim Amazon Alexa edition.

No, not really but this lead into the big title of the show with Fallout 76. The prequel set in the hills of West Virginia is a prequel 4x the size of all other Fallout titles, Bethesda showed the trailer shown earlier today at the Microsoft press conference.

As a recent occupant of Vault 76 you are sent on a quest by the overseer to find secrets thoughout West Virginia. While some limited gameplay was shown and we have queued it up as part of the press conference below which is followed by a pretty long Q&A session that isn’t the big news.

The big news is Fallout 76 is online and the other Vault 76 occupants are real people because Fallout 76 is multiplayer. As a persistent open world you can choose to play with dozens of other players (not thousands), with your friends or solo.

It’s a little long (and goes past our recap) but if you are keen to know more about Fallout 76 it is worth the watch with plenty of questions answered and gameplay shown with helpful VaultTec instructional videos like how to access the biggest weapon in the game, Nuclear Missile Silos.

With the move for dedicated servers Bethesda also announced they would have a ‘Break it Early Test Application’ or B.E.T.A. before teasing the next limited Fallout preorder edition which you can get when you get to play the game on November 14 this year.

Wrapping up the Fallout news, Fallout Shelter released a year ago is coming out for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, and it’s available right now. Oh and it’s still free.

With the success of Fallout Shelter (downloaded more than all other Bethesda game combined), Bethesda is also releasing Elder Scrolls for mobile. Elder Scrolls Blades will give a different experience but still console level graphics with Elder Scrolls on a mobile device. It actually does look really good for a phone but is intended for more platforms including high end VR with all of them connecting to each other. Blade’s is going to be free later this year but you can register for early access on iOS and Android first.

Capping off the conference Bethesda announced two titles for beyond the next year the first being their first completely new IP in 25 years, Starfield and the second being Elder Scrolls VI in mic drop fashion.

And that’s it. You can watch the full press conference below (we have queued it up to start right after the pre-show). Check back for the rest of our recaps with Sony, Ubisoft and Nintendo still to go!