E3 2018: Sony Recap


And Day 3 of the pre-official E3 Press Conferences ends with PlayStation. We have already taken you through what we have seen at EA, MicrosoftBethesda and Ubisoft, this only leaves Nintendo to go which you can watch live by checking out our full pre-E3 Guide for the schedule.

Sony started E3 early, not through leaks, but having announced a number of games in the lead up to E3 and as part of their Days of Play promotional sale. Announced games included Tetris Effect, new Days Gone details, Twin Mirror and the great looking PSVR title Ghost Giant.

Kicking off a live Banjo performance the conference lead into a trailer for The Last of Us Part 2 from Naughty Dog. Opening in a hall which looked more than a little like the Sony E3 hall with some story followed by some all Ellie stealth combat gameplay through some Uncharted like foliage and abandoned car park/cityscape. It looked much much more brutal than any Uncharted game.

Something different from the PlayStation showcase with intermissions as the in person audience was moved between locations to give more of an experience for the big titles they are working on over just trailers for those who made it to E3.

This means some content was discussed during these ‘intermissions’ at the PlayStation panel show, like DLC Call of Duty maps for Black Ops 4 and Black Ops 3 when you preorder Black Ops 4, and new Destiny 2 DLC Forsaken for September 4th while waiting for the crowd to move around.

Back with the Live presentation and a Japanese flute presentation in front of a field of grass lands in Autumn was the lead into a play through of a chapter from Samurai game, Ghost of Tsushima from Sucker Punch.

Fortunately not requiring another set change we get to something new with the awesome looking Control out in 2019.

Launching straight from control we take a (temporary) rat eye view of a bloody trailer for a remastered and remade Resident Evil 2 out January 25, 2019

Rick and Morty creators game studio Squanch Games then made their E3 debut with a very Rick and Morty feeling trailer for Trover saves the Universe.

Next Disney went Pirates of the Caribbean for new Kingdom Hearts 3 before showing off a lot of yet unseen high quality cut scenes jumping through the Disney Franchises. They also showed off a Kingdom of Hearts collectors edition and limited edition trailer that will be available for the game’s release in January.

And then things got weird with Kojima’s Death Stranding trailer before Norman Reedus traversed some gorgeous looking landscapes in what we think was in game footage meaning.. Playable Norman Reedus! And then it got weird again.

Straight out of Death Stranding we got a new teaser for Nioh 2 with not a lot said.

And then, Spider-Man. Dropping Spidey at the Raft during a jailbreak caused by Electro. Much like last year’s E3 we jumped into the action with some combat and story shown plus a lot more noticeable Spider-Sense reminding us of the classic Spider-Man 2.

And that is a wrap for Sony PlayStation’s press conference. Some additional games are no doubt going to be shown over the next few days and much more Spider-Man gameplay with the release incoming and more PSVR. But if you have a spare hour and a half you can watch the full presentation below.