E3 2018: Ubisoft Recap


Day 3 of the pre-official E3 Press Conferences and we are into UbiSoft territory after already seeing EA, Microsoft and Bethesda. There are still two more major conferences to go before we are done with giving you our recaps but if you want to watch live check out our full pre-E3 Guide for the schedule.

Ubisoft kicked off their conference with some live Dance for Just Dance. While different from last year when it was mid-way through the conference (and a bit awkward feeling) putting it right at the start did give us a break from all the pre-show banter before splashing up an October release date for Just Dance 2019 on the big screen.

From there we jumped straight into the next game, the prequel, Beyond Good and Evil 2. No game play was shown during the conference but closed door pre-alpha gameplay will be happening on during E3 behind closed doors so there may not be that long to wait.

Also, on top of the gorgeous looking cinematic trailer UbiSoft brought out their first big star with Jospeh Gordon Levitt who’s production company is joining with Ubisoft to allow the BGE community to get a content put in the game (and get paid for it). More details for creators check the BGE Hit Record Page.

From Beyond Good and Evil into Rainbow 6 Siege, more specifically the Rainbow 6 Siege Community. While no new content, R6 is Ubisoft’s eSports game and some time was spent explaining the upcoming R6 tournaments before showing a trailer for a Rainbow 6 eSports documentary trailer to be show in full in August.

Going for the show element of E3 again the creative director for Trials Rising appeared in the crowd dressed in Evil Knievel gear before taking stage to show the game which will have a closed Beta before a February 2019 release (Feb 2019 is going to be busy). It will be heading to PC, XBox, PlayStation and Switch.

After a brief montage of Trials motorbikes in game jumping to classical music we return to the Division. A pretty brief presentation was given with a new cinematic trailer (after already showing one and gameplay during the Microsoft press conference yesterday).

After learning a lot from the still thriving Division 1, Division 2 looks to put those lessons to use adding an End Game mechanic the first game was missing. Players will be able to select a specialisation and signature weapon to be developed and skills acqured for. It was also mentioned that Raids are also being added, which were post launch in the first game, but now supporting teams of up to 8 players instead of 4. And lastly that 3 episodes are already planned for release as free DLC which will add areas and content to the game for progression.

A small second trailer was shown with some interesting mechanics (including a drone which was originally planned for the first game via a mobile device link but scrapped) before giving a March 15, 2019 release date. For more Division, a full 30 minutes deep dive of gameplay is on the fullstream after the main show. Not mentioned but also opened was signup for a Division 2 Beta.

Next were the Rabbids, because Ubisoft. Bringing out a live band to perform some music from the next upcoming Nintendo/Ubisoft collaboration for the Switch – Mario + Rabbids Kingdom: Battle Donkey Kong Adventure set for release this month, June 26.

From Rabbids to Pirates the game no doubt inspired by Assasin’s Creed: Black Flag’s ship to ship combat Skull & Bones made a return. Only announced last year this year it was introduced with a cinematic trailer followed by some gameplay and a 2019 launch window.

Now the second star was brought out with sometimes Hobbit, Elijah Wood brought out with game developers for Transference VR. Wood’s creative production company was involved with the development of this new game which is clearly aimed at people who don’t like sleeping at night.

Also announced last year was the Toys to Life Ubisoft game, Starlink: Battle for Atlas. Using small toy spaceships that can be upgraded with weapons and modifications that can then appear in the game.

But the big news from this was Ubisoft’s second Nintendo announcement for the conference with Starfox coming to the game as a Nintendo Switch exclusive (sorry PlayStation/XBox Starlink fans). This is available for preorder now as the game is due the 15th of October this year.

For Honor was a big game for Ubisoft to release which has retained some of it’s audience but may have not lived up to the initial hype. This may change with the “Starter Edition”  being made available free all this week for PC Players (download it here) and the announcement of adding new DLC. Marching Fire will add a new China based faction in addition to a 4v4 castle siege mode – Breach. The new content is due October 15th.

Also already having made an appearance during E3 in another press conference The Crew 2 dropped another trailer along with news of the Open Beta starting June 21st for XBox and PlayStation 4. Sign up for it here.

And in the tradition of terribly kept E3 secrets the final reveal was Assassins Creed: Odyssey, the Assassins Creed set in the Spartan era (yes you can do the kick someone off the cliff thing).

Following from Assassins Creed: Origins the new title was described as a RPG first continuing with Skills and Levelling from the last game. What is new is a small amount of character creation at the games beginning as you can choose to play as either the male Alexios or the female Kassandra which will be your character for the entire game.

Assassins Creed: Odyssey is not too far away with a planned launch of October 5th this year.

You can watch the full hour long conference below, we have even queued it up to start at the beginning for you. But don’t forget to check out our recaps for any other press conferences you might have missed and check back for those still to come!