E3: Xbox Trailer Recap


Did you get up at 7am to watch the Xbox Brief (we may have had some issues with that too) and our live tweeting, not to worry as we have the recap of all the trailers we saw here.

It didn’t take long for us to learn that the Scorpio is dead, long live the Xbox One X! This next gen hardware supports all Xbox One Games and Hardware and is suppose to be the smallest Xbox yet! While all games that are natively supported by the One X will get 4K/HDR support it does have some exclusives so it isn’t quite the PS4 Pro! Especially considering it is also to be the smallest Xbox yet (no talk about how big the power brick will be though).

We got to hear all about the Xbox One X at the top instead of being teased at the end so all games mentioned could talk about XB1X support. But towards the end we did learn a date for the new console – November 7 @ $499 USD. We will come back and update this as soon as we get the official Xbox Australia press release The Xbox One X will be officially out in Australia November 7, 2017 with an RRP of $649 AUD.

Next up we see some Forza 7 with some very pretty weather and learn that Porsche has a deal to premiere and announce their new supercar on Xbox first! Eat your heart out Top Gear.

And now we start seeing some new games starting with Metro Exodus. We thought we were a bit tired of the post-apocalyptic bleak future games but maybe we have room for one more… while not as bright as Horizon Zero Dawn, damn if it doesn’t look pretty with that lighting

We weren’t that hyped for more Assassin’s Creed Origins walking into this brief but damn if we aren’t hyped now! Between the pet Eagle and the improved equipment system letting you loot weapons and upgrade! This looks like it takes the best parts of Assassin’s Creed and forgets the rest for a do-over

If you have some favourite Twitch streamers you probably have seen how popular Player Unknown Battlegrounds is and it’s coming to Xbox One and Xbox One X! And that exclusive label means it will be a few years before Playstation see it (if at all)

Then we got our first Xbox One X Exclusive! While we might not be selling our kidneys for a new Xbox One X based on this game it definitely sets aside any talk that the new Xbox is just a PS4 Pro competitor with all it’s ‘support’ and ‘enhanced’ titles.

They weren’t kidding about having 42 games shown! State of Decay 2 looks pretty awesome for anyone who has wanted a non-Telltale Games Walking Dead Game.

Speaking of games that remind us or favourite shows and movies The Darwin Project is an arena based PvP experience which has more than a little in common with the Hunger Games.

We nearly forgot about this one, new Dragon Ball Z coming to Xbox! When? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z….

Of course, we saw some Minecraft but what more can you do to it to tie it into the Xbox One X? Why add 4K support of course! Yes get your cubes in HDR. And wait a sectond, did they just mention Minecraft VR will have Xbox Live support? We definitely will be looking into what platform they are talking about and how it works.

Games are coming thick and fast now with not a pause between trailers. Black Desert is a RPG title that looks impressive but no idea if we are seeing any in game play.

We are so excited for The Last Night! It reminds us of Flashback and Another World so hard but we definitely need this. Just shut up and take our money!

If you don’t want to do some air guitar while watching The Artful Escape we really can’t help you… but now we want another Tim Schafer/Jack Black game.

Microsoft weren’t secretive about Sea of Thieves heading into E3 but they definitely pushed the Mixer/streaming angle as it seems like a game made for sharing (and playing with others).

Tacoma looks a bit more exciting then Gone Home (the previous title from the same creators) but we would of liked a little more detail on game play.

Super Lucky Tale looks cute and all but more importantly it’s the first game we have seen in this brief that says Xbox One and not Xbox One X.

TERRY CREWS IN THE HOUSE! Oh yes Terry Crews introduced this title and really is there anything that he couldnt introduce that you wouldnt be excited about? Crackdown 3 looks good too… but future note – More Terry.

Ever want to play Steamboat Willie on a next gen console? Then Cuphead was probably made for you. If Mickey Mouse isn’t the final boss we will be so disappointed…

Next we got a montage because with 42 games to show you need a montage to get through them all. Definitely a couple here we want to go back to later though.

Oh yes, and we are getting more Life is Strange. Only 3 episodes this time so not quite the full season that the first one had but still more time travel fun to be had.

Ashen is another Xbox One labelled exclusive (not Xbox One X) so even with the Xbox One X coming out this year we are still getting a heap of titles. Plus, if the upscaling on the Xbox One X is as good as they say maybe you dont need exclusive launch titles.

Remember the Playstation Brief last year and how it had a full orchastra to accompany a number of the titles? Xbox just put a piano on stage to play with Ori for dem feels.

We are getting near the end now with Xbox Chief dropping a date for the Xbox One X (November 7) and a US price (499), we will come back and update this when we get an official Xbox Australia press release. Expect the Xbox One X to drop November 7, 2017 for Australia with a RRP of $649 AUD (so not too bad in comparison to say a PS4 Pro).

We are almost done by this point with talk about Xbox backware compatiblity going hard. We already have Xbox 360 Games available via the new streaming services but looks like we are getting classic Xbox games too. More info on that to come.

But the announcement wasn’t the mic drop moment as we got a deeper look at Anthem. The EA game teased yesterday. If there was ever a shut up and take our money part of this brief this is it.

We love the fly like Iron Man parts but overall this Bioware game is just so damn pretty. That all better be in game footage because if it is we hope it’s a day one Xbox One X launch title.

And that’s the Microsoft Brief! You can rewatch it in full via the YouTube stream below but we definitely feel there was more trailers than talking this year with only a few nuggets of info dropping through so we expect a lot of detail as part of the official E3 schedule.

And if you missed our EA Recap yesterday check it out too so you know all the stuff happening at E3.