E3: Bethesda Trailer Recap


We know not everyone can watch it live even if Bethesda had a nice afternoon brief instead of a pre-dawn one. And you might have got our live tweeting, but you still need a recap. Don’t worry we gotcha covered.

Easily the shortest brief so far but definitely the most theatrical and rehearsed. Even with our recap we might tell you the full briefing is worth a watch if you have 40 minutes to spare. With lots of splicing in of video that was either made especially for E3 or maybe will appear in games in future, we did have a few moments where we thought our stream was hijacked to somewhere else.

Let’s talk the big two first up. Bethesda is bringing both Doom and Fallout to VR with Doom VFR and Fallout 4 VR. Not only that but both games (as with every other game mentioned in the brief) will be out before the end of the year. Good guy Bethesda.

Following that we got some more Elder Scrolls Online action. While we already knew it was coming it was a good look at some of the battleground options that will be available in-game.

Next, we talk mods. It was a big deal to add official support for mods last year and they told us that there are over 300 million mods currently available! That’s a lot of mods and it’s little wonder they are looking to expand their commitment to creators with the Creation Club.

But you want to know more Elder Scrolls? Ok about we give you some new Elder Scrolls: Legends + a look at Skyrim coming to the Nintendo Switch (remember both of these like all the other games will be out this year!)

Stepping away from Elder Scrolls a little a new chapter in the Dishonored series ‘Death of the Outsider’ was announced with a defined release date for September. It looks pretty polished and given the last Dishonored game we think a lot of what we saw will seamlessly mix into the gameplay.

If you are playing E3 Bingo and were waiting for Esports then Bethesda is helping you out there with not only talking about its new Quake Champions but the 1 Million Dollar prize for it’s upcoming tournament in addition to new maps and more.

Carrying on we got some super creepy cover music to go with The Evil Within 2 announcement to haunt our dreams. Thanks, Bethesda.

And lastly, in Bethesda’s ‘shut up and take our money’ moment we saw a VERY healthy dose of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. Besides from Bethesda doing some of the best facial/character models in this we feel that we too need a giant robot dog named Liesel.

Like we mentioned the whole presentation was more of a show than the previous streams so worth a look if you like the sound of a few of the titles above. The full stream isn’t on the Bethesda channels yet but we were able to find you just as good (if you have 40 minutes to watch).