Maccas Adult Happy Meals arrive in Australia


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Adult Happy Meals are in Australia. Previously announced in the US last year Australia was missing out with only child sized snacks available for adults who need a toy with their meal but no longer.

‘Happy Meals for Adults’ come in an adult-sized box and come with a choice of either 10-piece Chicken Nuggs or a Big Mac with fries and a drink (of course) but the much more important aspect is that aside from coming in the Happy Meal style box these also come with a 90s themed collectable toy.

The first edition of these available right now at Maccas around the country will come with McNugget Buddies which are an update to a 90s toy. There is 6 McNugget Buddies to collect so you have plenty of excuses to keep ordering the new Happy Meal. The buddies are Kerwin Frost: The Mayor, Don Bernice: The Wise Stylist, Uptown Moe: The Neighbourhood Hero, Waffutu: The Curious Optimist, BRRRICK: The Cool Guy and Darla: The Dreamer.

Much like the original Happy Meal toys these will only be available for a limited time with the plans for the Adult Happy Meal in Australia likely being directly linked to the popularity. But if you were looking for an excuse for Nuggs for lunch or the perfect Valentine’s date this is it.

Andrew B

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