What Up My Glip Glops!? New Rick & Morty Trailer Shows Season 5 is on schedule for June


Oh yes, there is no secret stealth April Fools drops this time with the official Rick and Morty account dropping (before April Fools) the first look trailer for Season 5 of Rick and Morty on socials overnight.

Look if you don’t know who Rick & Morty are by now we really can’t do much for you but if you ever wondered what a version of Back to the Future would be like if Doc Brown was a raging alcoholic who makes things that are slightly more murder’y then you can catch up on the first 4 seasons of the animated series on Netflix right now.

For everyone else while continuity is not an important thing in the school of Rick and Morty story telling when we left last season Rick had a to the death duel with Bird/Phoenix Person during an Alien invasion which saw the return of his Daughter Beth’s clone (or original). You know, normal stuff.

The new trailer that dropped overnight gives us the same level of brain overload from previous seasons with Voltron, Transformers and strange horny ocean men on front lawns. And while there is a TON here to obsess over here we can expect more time crystals, more alien invasions, more alternate dimensions and of course more touching of Rick’s stuff. While it is near impossible to make heads or mega seeds as to what this season holds we might remind you that previous season trailers have often only included shots from the first few episodes of the season AND fake outs are not uncommon, looking at you Cthulhu.

You can check out the full trailer below but what do you think? Are you hyped for more Rick and Morty? Do you think it will end with 9 seasons with ‘Mulan’ McNugget sauce? Have we been watching the same Rick C-137 every season? Which character will be first to get their own spin off series? Will it be set in the gophers who live in people’s butts universe? Let us know in the comments down below.

Rick & Morty is set for late June release and is expected to debut on Netflix (and Adult Swim on Foxtel) for Australia