This Week in Games: Mar 29 – Apr 3


Hack and slash through Techno Retro side scrollers, drop into 3 player fire teams on alien planets and find yourself a great bargain on mutated ill-tempered sea bass while gaming this week. But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

Sitting somewhere between The Last Starfighter and a SEGA Megadrive collection is the retro styled Narita Boy. Giving us some techno Adventure Time like vibes this new side scrolling adventure hack and slash comes from the same publisher that brought you Worms. This honestly looks like a heap of fun and we cant wait to play it on the Switch first on Tuesday and then Wednesday on Steam, PlayStation or for free as part of Xbox Game Pass.

After dropping a demo last week Square Enix is already ready to release their new 1-3 player drop-in-drop-out shooter – Outriders. Here is the deal, you are part of a 3 person fireteam send to a hostile planet. Along the way you will level up your character and unlock skill tree perks RPG style. Think Destiny but built for NextGen hardware. It is out for the Xbox (Series X/S optimised), Playstations on Thursday and Steam Friday.

Honourable Mention: And our honourable mention this week goes the 17 years later sequel Evil Genius 2: World Domination. Successor to the original game from 2004, Evil Genius is from the Dungeon Keeper style of games whereby you design and build a dungeon (or secret hollowed out volcano lair in this instance) and without direct control allow your minions to run it, with the exception of your #2. The original was so much fun we can’t wait to pick up this new update when it comes out on Steam on Wednesday.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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Doom 3 (PSVR)
Cowboys, Vampires, Pirates & Ghosts (Steam)
Realtime Mining Simulator (Steam)
Fruit Row (Steam)
In the dark forest (Steam)
Bonegard (Steam)
Cave Nightmare (Steam)
The Shadow of Yidhra (Steam)
Otaku Club (Steam)
Shattered Slime (Steam)
What’s Wrong With You? (Steam)
Neptunia Virtual Stars (Steam)

Auto Chess (PS)
Kingdom Hearts III + Re Mind (Epic Store)
The Game of Life 2 (Switch)
Gallic Wars Battle Simulator (Switch)
Narira Boy (Switch)
Balloon Girl (Switch)
Flow Gear Racing (Steam VR)
Extreme Peg Solitaire (Steam)
Industry Idle (Steam)
Endline (Steam)
FPS Tactics (Steam)
Maze (Steam)
Shades Of Rayna (Steam)
Big NEON Tower VS Tiny Square (Steam)
Lacuna/Draft (Steam)
Dungeon Slime 2 (Steam)
Neon Dimension (Steam)
Knights of Grumthorr 2 (Steam)
From The Darkness (Steam)
Haunting At Cliffhouse (Steam)
Theme Park Mystery (Steam)
The Killing Cloud (Steam)
Things That Bounce and Explode (Steam)
Eggcelerate! (Steam)
Iceland South Coast (Steam)
Mastho is Together (Steam)
Aron’s Adventure (Steam)
Evil Genius 2: World Domination (Steam)

I Saw Black Clouds (XB/Switch)
Narita Boy (XB/PS/Steam)
Golf Royale (Switch)
TY the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue HD (Switch)
Squad Killer (Switch)
Drive Buy (Switch/Steam)
Afterpulse (Switch)
Ball Challenge (Steam)
Holy Chick! (Steam VR)
REFICUL 666 (Steam)
Burst Planet (Steam)
Red Laser Z (Steam)
Blind Shot (Steam)
Robin: Race! (Steam)
Be Hero (Steam)
O.V.N.I. Abduction (Steam)
Nyaa-kuza!! (Steam)
Best Miner (Steam)
VR Fighter Jets War (Steam VR)
World War 2 Craft (二战演义) (Steam)
Pretty girls teach beefy guys (Steam)
Red White Yellow (Steam)
Ember Knight Solitaire (Steam)
Sol Blanka (Steam)
Wind Angel Ⅱ (Steam)
Baby Dragon Rancher (Steam)
OH! MOCHI! (Steam)
Future Fortune (Steam)
times infinity (Steam)
Hyforge (Steam)
i Have Powers! (Steam)
Conductor: Creative Joy Engine (Steam VR)
Aircraft Carrier Survival: Prologue (Steam)
Loopomotive (Steam)

Outriders (PS/XB)
C14 Dating (XB)
Escape from Life Inc (XB/Switch)
Radon Blast (XB)
Squad Killer (XB)
What Comes After (Switch)
Zuru Rainbocorns (Switch)
Acalesia (Switch)
Storm Tale (Switch)
Abbie’s Farm for kids and toddlers (Switch)
Moorhuhn Kart 2 (Switch)
Sausage Fiesta (Steam)
How to Win: Season One (Steam)
Mysticism (Steam)
Insanium (Steam)
Wildfire Swap (Steam)
蚂蚁模拟器(Ant simulator) (Steam)
Draginsanity (Steam)
Nemesis: Race Against The Pandemic (Steam)
Junkyard Simulator: First Car (Prologue 2) (Steam)
Arkan Tower (Steam)
Aero Battle (Steam)
The Trigger (Steam)
Outright (Steam)
Eternal Secret (Steam)
Apollyon: River of Life (Steam)
Rumours From Elsewhere (Steam)
Submorse (Steam)
Magnace: Arena (Steam)
Kitchen Island VR (Steam VR)
Goblins! (Steam)
Play The Fox (Steam)
Minigun VS Swarms of the Zombie Apocalypse Simulator (Steam)
ParticuLights (Steam)
Fruit Sudoku (Steam)
Keeper of the Day and Night (Steam)
Melrose Academy of the Arcane (Steam)
Zombie Friday (Steam)
Contact Me (Steam)
The Rebellion (Steam)
Crash Dive 2 (Steam)
Your Chronicle (Steam)
Dee-6: Dice Defenders (Steam)
Yarne (Steam)
Covid Chaos (Steam)
Freedom Physics (Steam)
Rotego (Steam)
Jardinains! (Steam)
BasCatball Saturn: Basketball & Cat (Steam)
Weed Shop 3 (Steam)
Jigsaw Pieces 2 – Shades of Mood (Steam)
Totally Reliable Delivery Service (Steam)
Shell Shuffle (Steam)

Acalesia (XB)
Outriders (Epic Store)
Dungeon and Puzzles
Tokyo Rush Street Racing (Switch)
Good Night, Knight (Switch)
A Long Way Down (Switch)
Stick Fight: The Game (Switch)
Train Station Simulator (Switch)
Cpt.Balloney – painful days at home (Steam)
Shleepy Time Catching Z’s (Steam)
Ooutriders (Steam)
Color Pixel Heroes (Steam)
Grey Bones (Steam)
Word Wise (Steam)
OpenTTD (Steam)
Hexcross (Steam)
Purrfect Apawcalypse: Purrgatory Furever (Steam)
Floor Plan 2 (Steam VR)
Piozila (Steam)
肉牛养殖计划 (Steam)
Space Defense Grid (Steam)
2D Platformer GAME (Toy Factory) (Steam)
Debatto: Delivery Battle (Steam)
Starcaller (Steam VR)
魔法少女は自由に変身できない。 (Steam)
Super Pixel World (Steam)
John Christian (Steam)
Divided Reigns (Steam)
Legends of IdleOn – Idle MMO (Steam)

Mittelborg: City of Mages (XB)
Papa’s Quiz (XB)
SturmFront – The Mutant War: Ubel Edition (XB)
Train Station Simulator (XB)
C14 Dating (Switch)
West (Steam)
Maze Workout – Lost Urban Exit Game – Trials1 (Steam)
Sept jours, sept lieux, sept vies (Steam)
Puzzle Pieces (Steam)
Super Vili (Steam)
Bloat (Steam)
Spider-Robots War (Steam)
Drawy (Steam)
Hell Firefighter (Steam)
Dead Seater (Steam)
Lock Lock: Farm (Steam)
修仙重生记 (Steam)
末日血战 (Steam)
The Caregiver | 終焉介護 (Steam)
Welcome to the Adventurer Inn! (Steam)
Sexy Sniper (Steam)
Unite (Steam)
Small Town Robot (Steam)