First Ghostbusters 3 Trailer Drops to remind you who to call in 2020


It’s a hard life for reboots these days with films that wipe a canvas clean to start over again often being held in low regard by fans who loved the original, but what is rarer is a franchise that gets rebooted and then returns from the dead to continue the original franchise pre-reboot. If you thought Ghostbusters wasn’t capable of such a feat, then Oh Johnny did you back the Wrong Horse.

Dropping overnight we got our first taste of the new Ivan Reitman (writer and director on the first 2 Ghostbuster films) Ghostbusters: Afterlife and to say we are a little stoked is an understatement. This trailer hits all the right notes by acknowledging the original films, continuing the legacy and more than a little making something new. Starting off you might think it opens as reboot of My Girl with the Stranger Things cast but like a ghostly librarian this trailer just jumps out at you.

Looking like it follows the grandson of Egon strange things are afoot in the midwest of the United States with a Ghostly presence under a small town with science teacher Paul Rudd. Not just teasing the trailer shows off some Etco-1, Proton Packs, and a certain little green slimeball.

You can watch the full trailer below and then make sure you tell us what you think in the comments. Are you hyped for the return of the Ghostbusters? Do you think we will see more than a cameo from the original cast? In 2020 do you still Call the Ghostbusters or is it more of a Tweet/Facebook Message? Let us know in the comments down below.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife will be appariting in cinemas July 2020