Wonder Woman 2 brings the 80’s back (without the Demogorgons)


Superhero movies are kicking off in a big way in 2020 with Marvel just having put out its first new trailer for Black Widow kicking off Phase 4, it’s the DCEUs turn with the long-anticipated WW84 trailer premiering just fresh today.

We have known some things about WW84 including the return of Chris Pine/Steve Trevor in some capacity and while he is featured quite well we don’t really get an explanation other than knowing it is the same Steve Trevor (and not some descendant doppelganger). Getting in touch with it’s inner Thor Ragnarok the trailer boasts an 80’s feel with some appropriate soundtrack off the bat the new trailer good. Long gone are the Synder era greys with the newer Shazam/Aquaman level of colour.

Being in the 80s means that the film is set before Dawn of Justice and Justice League has taken place which does leave some big questions with Steve Trevor’s return and how it impacts some plot points of both the first WW movie and Justice League in terms of Diana’s Pine’ing (pun intended). Could this be the start of a Flashpoint level retcon for the DCEU?

You can checkout the full trailer below and then let us know what you think? Are you all for the new look DCEU? Between Wonder Woman and the Joker should everything start fresh again in the 80s? Which Superfriends do you think might make a special appearance? Tell us in the comments down below.

Wonder Woman 1984 / WW84 hits Australian Cinemas June 4th 2020