What’s On: Oct 9 – 15


If you like TV shows about Brendan Fraiser as a brain in a Robot body, Cosplay, Video Gaming and Tabletop in Melbourne or have found just one Will Smith per movie to be just not enough, then boy do we have a week for you. Here is your guide to Everything happening this week in Geek across Australia.

1On Streaming/TV

New Season TV is upon us and if you have Foxtel this week you are probably going to be putting in some big hours with The Walking Dead season 10 and even the surprisingly excellent Batman spin-off, Pennyworth both dropping this week. But if you are looking for our must-watch TV this week it is definitely Doom Patrol. All 3 are on Foxtel this Thursday.

And for more on streaming this weekend check out the stuff to go do section below for some bonus points.

2In Cinemas

In cinemas this week, we did it. We have finally hit peak Will Smith with the new film co-staring the only person who can possibly get top billing with Will Smith, Will Smith. If you are looking for your popcorn film this week you can’t go past the Ang Lee directed Jerry Bruckheimer film with Will Smith as the best Assassin in the world who has been cloned and now his clone has been sent after him. You know, that old chestnut. Gemini Man is in cinemas on Thursday nationwide.

3Stuff To Go Do

As always there is tons happening around the country every week but this weekend is the one event you might be travelling for with PAX Australia kicking off this Friday. PAX is one of the biggest events spanning multiple countries and for only one weekend a year, it comes to Melbourne on the back of Melbourne Games Week.

Can’t get to this celebration of everything gaming? Don’t worry because if you are in it for the panels PAX streams just about every major event live on Twitch too (on PAX, PAX2, PAX3 and PAX Arena)

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