E3 2019: EA Recap


It has begun. The largest gaming event of the calendar is happening in Los Angeles right now with E3 2019. So what is happening/what has been announced? If you can’t just hop a plane to go see, we are here to fill you in so you don’t miss anything.


E3 starts with EA Games this year who often will kick things off on the weekend before. Opting not for a large auditorium-style presentation EA has gone for an outdoor, more public-facing couch chat event. Removing any chance of surprises announcements EA also published a schedule of which games they will be covering.

First up was a solid 15 minutes of pre-release gameplay from Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. The new Single Player Star Wars story set in post Episode 3 Star Wars lore playing as a new Jedi who survived Order 66. The gameplay showed off some of the basic gameplay for the game with Lightsaber mechanics, traversal (including Titan Fall wall running), Force powers and Backpack droid similar to the one in Battlefront 2’s single-player campaign.

While we had already seen a trailer for the game the gameplay did show off quite a bit that will be familiar to Star Wars: Rebels (and Rogue One) fans with Inquisitors and Saw Gerrera appearing as you play through a mission to Free the Wookies on Kashyyyk. And yes, this is all canon.

Next up was APEX Legends which has been EA’s biggest hit for the year. Not really an announcement on the same level as a new Star Wars game, most of the E3 couch-side chat was more about the next Season of APEX.

Fortnight players will be familiar with the concept of season content and it looks like APEX is going the same way. The E3 chat revealed some new skins and weapons available through challenges plus a few that are available for battle pass holders.

Also revealed was a new Legend character ‘Watson’ through a short ‘story’ which reminded us a little of the Overwatch Character stories. The new character is an electrical/engineering based Legend that will be able to place electrical fences and other defensive abilities. What else is interesting is that this character is the start of more of the game lore being filled in.

Battlefield V was next with half an hour of new maps and features. Overall the updates are very much about community requests and needs, so if you have picked up the game previously this new content is more for returning players than attracting new ones.

And because it is Electronic Arts and E3 there was, of course, FIFA and Madden for the new year with FIFA 20 and Madden 20.

And the final part of the EA Play roadshow was… The Sims. Not new Sims, a new expansion for The Sims 4. Island Living adds Beaches, Jetskis, Dolphins and Mermaids when it is released in 2 weeks for PC.

And that’s it. If you want to watch the full 3hr+ stream you can via the EA YouTube channel.

We still have a few big conferences to go with Microsoft on Monday but so far the tone for E32019 is definitely more a big community event rather than huge press conference reveals.