E3 2019: Bethesda Recap


Bethesda had probably the lowest anticipated conference at E3 due to their previously announced lack of Starfield or Elder Scrolls VI. They do have to be commended though leading up to the show for happily putting their games on any platform. Much like Ubisoft, they jump in with both feet on PC, consoles, VR, and now Stadia. Props to Bethesda!

The show started with a reel thanking the community for playing their games. This was to be the first of FOUR clips with this theme and it came off as very heavy-handed.

After recapping the past year of games for Bethesda, new content for the Blades mobile game was revealed to be out now with more coming later this year. It will also be releasing on Switch later this year, free of charge, with cross play and progression for all versions.

There’s a big update for Fallout 76 later this year called Wastelanders. They’re adding NPCs among a host of other updates! There’s a free trial this week to draw players back in, and they’ll be previewing an upcoming battle royale mode called Nuclear Winter.

Ghostwire Tokyo is a creepy supernatural-themed title by Tango Gameworks (The Evil Within 1&2).

Next we got a reminder for everything that’s been happening in Elder Scrolls Online. Their cinematics are always so impressive.

There’s a new Commander Keen game?! It is still 2019 right? It follows in the footsteps of the previous games by having the original Commander Keen’s two kids as the protagonists.

Remember Elder Scrolls Legends? It has an upcoming expansion.

The trailer for new Rage 2 contents was tonally all over the place.

Wolfenstein Cyberpilot for VR and Wolfenstein Youngblood both come out in July.

Arkane announced their new game Deathloop. Had a slightly 60’s aesthetic in places and a storyline that’ll keep your attention.

Doom Eternal looks great and was by far the star of the show! They showed off a few trailers and revealed a November 22 release date. The collectors edition of Doom includes a real helmet similar to Halo 3 back in the day, and there’s a new 1v2 multiplayer mode that pits the Doom guy against two player-controlled demons.

Decent conference overall. A lot of talking up Quakecon though and four trailers about the community were too much, but the games look good and it’s great to see studios supporting their titles.