New Licensed Original Ghostbusters Ghost Trap Prop is on it’s way


Finding yourself with an unlicensed Nuclear Accelerator strapped to your back but still missing some sort of containment unit to really take your spectral extermination business to that next level? Well timed to go with the new Ghostbusters movie news is a new edition OG Ghostbusters Ghost Trap Prop is coming out soon.

Previously our love for Ghostbusters props were under the monopoly of the now-defunct Matty Collectors who had produced so many high-end toy/props under Mattel’s Ghostbusters license including PKE Meters, Neutron Wands, Ecto Goggles and the first Ghost Busters trap. If you missed out on these then don’t feel too bad as shipping was restricted and not offered to Australia with Ghost Traps being one of the more sought after limited run collectables.

But just recently announced as distributed through Zing for Australia is a new edition of the Ghostbusters Ghost Trap that WILL be available to Australia. The new prop made by Hollywood Collectables Group is more a showpiece than the previous Matty Collectables with a working foot pedal and trap doors but no connection between the two to trigger them. So not really for Cosplay.

The new trap is a life-sized (1:1) movie accurate prop coming in around 61cm x 25cm on its optional flat display base along with the foot pedal. It is a limited run collectable with only 500 pieces being made and a price tag of $798 to match, but considering the Matty Collectable editions start from $1k on eBay this is definitely the cheaper option.

The prop will be available through Zing (or EB Games) in March with pre-ordering definitely recommended given the limited number globally.