Greg Rucka’s Immage Comics Miniseries The Old Guard Gets Picked up by Netflix


While Marvel might be leaving them Netflix is still definitely in the comics business. With films like Polar based on the Dark Horse series and acquisition of Millarworld it looks like Image Comics could be next with the Netflix announcement of The Old Guard.

The 5 issue miniseries by Greg Rucka (Action Comics, Detective Comics, Batwoman and a long list of more) is about a small group of immortals mercenaries. The 5 issue series follows these immortals as they try to keep their existence secret and discover another immortal. It’s a little like Highlander except for no swords, cutting off of heads, there can be only one or epic Queen theme song.

While without a date, Netflix has already announced that Rucka himself will be adapting the screenplay and Fury Road/Atomic Blonde Charlize Theron has been signed on for one of the lead roles which could mean a 2020 targetted date if filming begins this year. The Old Guard was one of our favourites from 2017 and you should definitely look out for the collected edition at your local favourite comic store.