The Second Official Trailer for Venom has a lot more Venom in it


After the teaser and first trailer you might of been justified heading into the new Venom movie and expecting it to be a medical thriller with the Symbiote being teased like a M. Shyamalan movie until the end. But with the latest Venom Trailer dropping from Sony overnight we now have a very different feel for our favourite black ball of parasitic goo due out later this year.

We already know from SDCC and releases that the new Venom standalone film will follow the Lethal Protector storyline which amongst other things includes a series of other Symbiotes being weaponised (because that’s what you do). In the new trailer we do get to see a whole lot more of other Symbiotes being teased but the main attraction is a lot more Venom with the Eddie/Venom dialog being the main attraction.

It’s still along way until the films release in October and the feedback of the lack of Venom from the first trailer no doubt had a lot to do with how this new one was put together. The one thing we are most curious about is the lack of Woody Harrelson in the press and trailers so far who is also credited in the film which suggests a fairly major role, possibly something Red and Black?

You can watch the full trailer below and then let us know what you think in the comments. Are you liking how Venom is shaping up? Do you think this will be “MCU-Adjacent” like Sony is saying? Will Woody Harrelson show up as Cletus Kasady in the post credits sequence?

Venom is set for release in Australian Cinemas October 4th