Creator Spotlight: Boxwars Supreme Overlord Ross

Photo by Campbell Manderson

This week we talk to someone who can put Calvin and Hobbes cardboard creation skills to shame. Ross is one of the Supreme Overlords of Boxwars, the cardboard artists who have built everything from Aircraft Carriers to working Roman Chariot all using nothing but cardboard.

Photo by Maclay Heriot

So take 5 with creator Ross this week and maybe pick up a few tips on building your own Fort Kickass.

What are you playing/reading right now? Currently playing DCS World and reading Ignition! by John D Clark. 

What is Boxwars? Why is it important? I’m currently organising a bunch of gigs for Boxwars. Boxwars is an event where we build huge cardboard creations and then destroy them in front of an audience. What we do is all about fun and creativity spured on by a fictional arms race with the goal of ‘how big can this get?’ Cardboard is an amazing material to work with. I hope we show that. 

Photo by Prudence Upton

Apart from your events what should everyone be looking out for in local Australian Pop Culture? Music. Australia has a fantastic music scene unique to anywhere else in the world. Go find a band you like and support it! Other than that the sword craft crew have been doing some great work. They’re putting some amazing creativity into their costumes 😉 

Major prediction for Pop Culture 12 months from now? Major prediction about pop culture is it will meld more into the global culture of the internet. This is great, but we should look at what makes Australia unique, and support what happens here as much as possible. Very much looking forward to the work made by emerging Aussie game developers in the near future. 

Photo by Rod Gill

Best last thing you ate? It wasn’t something illegal. 

And that’s 5! For more cardboard warfare goodness check out the official Boxwars website and to keep up to date with some very soon to be announced events jump over to the Boxwars Facebook and give them a like.