LEGO Announces a Massive new Hogwarts Set


We hope you found some space for your LEGO Millennium Falcon and Voltron as LEGO just announced Hogwarts from Harry Potter as it’s next massive set and it is HUGE.

While not on the same scale as our friends at BrisBricks massive Hogwarts the new licensed set is still pretty giant. Coming in at 58cm at the highest point and 69cm x 43 cm at it’s base the new set beats out the Millenium Falcon height and width wise (but not lengh with the Falcon coming in at 89cm vs Hogwart’s 69cm). The new set uses over 6000 bricks (the Falcon has 7500) to complete this highly detailed Hogwarts for your home.

More than just a detailed exterior the new set includes all the iconic rooms from the Harry Potter films and books with the challenge rooms from The Philosopher’s Stone and the Chamber of Secrets to name but a few. With so many locations to fit inside a single build the new set will not feature full sized Minifigs but instead use 27 of the smaller micro-figs.

This is actually something you should be thankful for as given the number of locations in the films a full scale set would need it’s own room in your house if you don’t already have a LEGO room. Just looking at the Great Hall in micro-fig scale and comparing it to the BrisBricks set would more than likely put the price of this set well outside of it’s currently relatively affordable price when compared to the Falcon.

The new set will be available from September 1 but is already available for pre-order via the official LEGO store at $649.99 AUD this put’s it at half the price of the Ultimate Collector Series Falcon which uses full sized Minifigs.

With the new Fantastic Beasts around the corner this seems like a great tie in as we are pretty sure without some marathon build sessions you might still be building this set in November.