Creator Spotlight: 5 Questions with Ben Bryant


Have you ever wondered who it is that wizards, demons and the otherwise supernatural call on when they need some solid legal advice? This week we take 5 with Sydney indie author and law student Ben Bryant and find out. Dun Dun!

What are you playing/reading/watching right now?  I’ve been playing a bit of Minecraft on a realm with friends since the new underwater patch lately, that has been fun. Before that I put down the latest Stephen King; The Outsider. Mr. King had me wondering about that one for a while, but I enjoyed it as much as I have most of his work. I’ve also recently finished watching Aggretsuko on Netflix. I like to do a bit of everything if I can manage to find the time for it. Especially reading. As a writer, I do feel guilty if I go too long between books. 

Image via Ben Bryant

What is Curia Noctis: Krell v Bulin? Why is it important? Curia Noctis: Krell v Bulin is my first novel, a supernatural courtroom drama. Think Law and Order, with wizards and assassins and such. It is important to me, obviously, because it’s the first thing of mine that is ready for other people to read. I also think it’s a little bit important to have more stories like mine with main characters who just happen to be gay or some other variety of LGBTQI. I’m a big fan of urban fantasy, but it is often the case that queer characters end up in secondary or support roles if their sexuality is addressed at all (there are of course exceptions). I hope that I have done a half decent job at telling a good story for anyone to read, regardless of their sexuality or background.

Apart from your book what should everyone be looking out for in local Australian Pop Culture? I’m looking forward to seeing the next offering from Lionfish Games; Resurgence: The Fallen Empire. These guys are a great team and I really liked their first game, Evolve.

Major prediction for Pop Culture 12 months from now? DC will redeem their film reputation with the next two releases Aquaman and Shazam! Marvel movies will take the backseat at the box office for a while after Infinity War part 2. 

Best last thing you ate? There’s a tiny Vietnamese place just down the road from my work, half the office is now hooked on their chicken schnitzel rolls. If you’re ever in Surry Hills, Roll in & Out- give it a go!   

And that’s 5! Learn more about Curia Noctis: Krell v Bulin online. You can grab the novel hot of the digital press on August 3rd, or conjure up your preorder now via Amazon. Also, don’t forget to follow Ben on Twitter and Facebook!