Season 3 of Machinima G1 Transformers Series is now on YouTube and it’s not Geoblocked


If you are a fan of the robots that are more than meets the eye you might be familar with the Machinima produced Transformers series that has is just going into it’s 3rd season. And if you are like us here in Australia you might be more than a little annoyed with most of the series being region blocked as it was hosted by the US based Go90 media streaming service.

Fortunately for us (and not so fortunate for Go90) the service is shutting down at the end of this month which means with Season 3 of the Transformers series being released today it is available in full on YouTube without region blocking.

For those unfamiliar with the series, set in the G1 timeline/universe (the same as the original cartoon) the new season ‘Power of the Primes‘ is conclusion to the Prime War Trilogy following the second season ‘Titans Return‘ and starting in the Combiner Wars. The latest season follows Megatronis voiced by Mark Hamill. With the fall of Go90 the original Combiner Wars season is now available in full on the Hasbro YouTube with the 2nd and latest seasons both up on Machinima for you to watch right now.

While we have mixed feelings about the Bayformers and are actually looking forward to the new Bumblebee movie, we think there is always time for some G1 Transformers as long as it gives us an excuse to hear that sweet sound of Peter Cullen’s Optimus Prime.