How to Train Your Dragon Trilogy ends in the new The Hidden World Trailer


While Pixar might have almost a monopoly on CGI movie feels there is no denying that the last and final How to Train Your Dragon film is probably going to deliver some. And with the new trailer dropping early this morning after some teaser images last week, we are both looking forward to and dreading the end.

Based on the popular How to Train your Dragon book the movie series (and animated series with 5 seasons, mostly available on Netflix) is one of our favourite animated films and also the first being one of the best 3D films when it was released. But we have known for a while that the films were intended to be a trilogy, and now we get the trailer for our last visit to the viking/dragon world.

Returning for the third and final time is director Dean DeBlois, known for his work on the previous two HTTYD movies as well as Lilo & Stitch. In what we can see from the trailer, Hiccup is grown (but does still appear younger in parts meaning there might be some jumping around timewise) as he gives a commentary that when he was a boy there used to be dragons. This is actually a line from the books, so we think this explaining where the Dragons went is going to be the main storyline which tracks with the original trilogy plans.

But you came for the feels so check out the full trailer below. Are you looking forward to a return to the dragon world? Are you dreading the end? If you don’t see it does that mean it never ends? Tell us in the comments below.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is set for release in Australia on March 28 next year.