Facebook adds Game Streaming to Video Services


In a move that should surprise no one Facebook has just added video game streaming to its offerings in a bid to ensure you will never need to leave their platform.

Adding to the existing live video options for live video and live 360 video added last year, Facebook will now have a third category of ‘gaming’. While Facebook gaming has existed for some time this will not be limited to your epic FarmVille campaign but support mainstream games just like Twitch.

Facebook can already hosts video directly just like YouTube (sans ads on the player) but the new gaming streaming service is not 100% embedded into Facebook, instead requiring you to have streaming hardware or a stream API key from a service like Twitch. You can already head to fb.gg to check the service live right now.

Given the approach to host streams created elsewhere we can see this is still just dipping the toes in the water for Facebook but between Twitch, YouTube Gaming and Microsoft’s Mixer, plus being the week before E3, this definitely feels like step one of a larger plan.