At second glance: Star Trek Attack Wing


Star Trek Attack Wing released an updated starter set as well as new faction packs in December that have finally made it to Australian shores. It is time for a second glance at the refreshed popular miniature game.

Star Trek Attack Wing allows you to take command of one of several factions: Federation, Klingon, Romulan, The Dominion, and species 8472 among others. The starter set contains a pair of Federation and a pair of Klingon ships to get you started.

If you haven’t played either Star Trek or DnD Attack Wing, or Star Wars X Wing, then you should definitely begin with the quick-start rules. The pared back version of the game pits the Enterprise-D against K’mpec’s Attack Cruiser.

If, on the other hand, you have a veteran to teach you, it is possible to run through all of the gameplay in a basic ship v ship scenario. The game is broken down into four phases: Planning, Activation, Combat and End. The planning phase has you and your opponent decide how your ship is going to move. The activation phase has each ship move in ascending Captain Skill order, and the perform an action such as ‘evasive manoeuvres’ or ‘Battle Stations’. The combat phase lets each ship fire (if they can) in descending captain skill order. Essentially, the lower ranked captains move first but shoot last. The end phase cleans up any board states or tokens that need to be addressed and the cycle repeats.

Battle Brief

With two games under my belt, I was ready to dive into a 3 player battle. We each had one ship and one blind pull graciously provided by my friendly local games store. I was very happy to open up the I.K.S. B’Moth to join the I.K.S. Vorn in my Klingon fleet.

I took up a position in the corner opposing a Federation fleet and an allied Federation/Romulan fleet. After a couple of turns of moving into position (during which I discovered just how useful sensor echoes are), I was able to line up a few shots against the Romulans who managed to evade every successful hit.

After a glorious victory against the Romulans, it came down to three lone ships. It turned out to be a good day to die for the I.K.S Vorn. The U.S.S. Sutherland then fell to the U.S.S. Yeager after an incredible round of shooting. All three players had a great time, even if there was only one winner. I am looking forward to my next few games. Qapla’.

The Federation vs. Klingon Starter Set, along with Romulan and Dominion Faction Packs are available now. They join the plethora of ships already 
available from your friendly local game store or online retailer.

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