Netflix Voltron Season 3 to return August 4


Oh yes! If you are a lover of robot lions and giant robots you are already watching the Netflix reboot of Voltron and if not you really should be.

While you don’t need to know the original series to enjoy this new animated version. We are now 2 seasons deep (with 13 episodes per season) and loving every episode so far so we were super excited to see what we would learn in SDCC this weekend but instead of just a new trailer we get a release date! And it’s soon!

You can watch the new teaser trailer below but really if you haven’t seen the end to season two yet maybe put that off until you have! But what do you think? Are you loving this new Voltron series? Which lion is best after the yellow lion (obviously)? Tell us in the comments down below!

Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 3 returns on Netflix August 4!