Pacific Rim 2 gets a Teaser Trailer, a new Site and a Date Change


We told you in our SDCC guide that not all the announcements would be coming off the official schedule and Universal has proven us right by dropping a bunch of Pacific Rim 2 stuff online!

Announced via the Universal Twitter this morning we got a new Official Site in addition to a teaser trailer and a significantly moved up date for the sequel. Originally aimed towards August 2018 the new site gives us a date of February for the sequel which stars amongst others The Force Awakens John Boyega (Finn).

While there isn’t a lot to the trailer but with the small amount of dialogue we do have we can’t help but notice how Iris Elba sounding Finn is sounding, does this mean it is a prequel not a sequel?

You can catch the full teaser below which includes some giant robot action towards the end but what do you think? Are you excited for more giant robots even if it isn’t directed by Guillermo del Toro? Tell us in the comments below!

Pacific Rim: Uprising is currently targeted for a February 2018 release date worldwide