New SDCC Trailers for the Kingsman: The Golden Circle and Bright


As one of many releases we are going to get this weekend with SDCC on in the US overnight we got a new trailers for the Kingsman: The Golden Circle and Bright

If you are familiar the Kingsman is based on the Secret Service series by Mark Millar (Kick-ass) and Mark Gibbons (The Watchmen) which was then the basis for The Kingsman: The Secret Service with Director/Screenwriter Matt Vaughan (X-Men: First Class, Days of Future Past). If you haven’t seen the first it’s a must watch available iTunes, PlayStation Store or Google Play for streaming.

The trailer for the 2nd movie was released as part of the Kingsman panel overnight at SDCC.

Bright also released it’s first full trailer with only a very short teaser being released last year. WE are super interested in this not because it has director David Ayer (Suicide Squad) or Wil Smith (Really? You don’t who that is? Fresh Prince of Bel Air then) but because it is the most expensive Netflix only movie ever to be made coming in at $90 million to be an exclusive to the platform.

But these are just an opening salvo, checkout our full guide for the announcements you can expect to hear over the weekend!

The Kingsman: The Golden Circle is released across Australian cinemas on September 21 this year with Bright targeted for Worldwide release December 22.