D23 2017: Video Game Round Up


In case you don’t have a hotline installed directly to Disneyland you may not have known that the E3/Comic-con of Disney, D23 was on this weekend.

D23 is a Fan event for Disney to show off it’s latest and greatest across all of its catalogue of games, movies, tv, animation, parks (even cruises) and more to it’s most loyal fans who can manage to get a ticket to attend the California event. While a number of panels had trailers and content that was reserved for only those in attendance fortunately the Video Game panel was a bit more open. So what was announced that you should know about?

We are only talking about the games that were featured as part of the games panel at D23, a number of titles that are coming up like Marvel vs Capcom or have updates pending like Contest of Champions were not heavily discussed during the panel but mentioned over the weekend.

First up the long awaited Kingdom Hearts 3 was announced. Not breaking away from the template of previous games in the series we see the roster of worlds to be visited expanded with Toy Story (Toy Story 4 to be released in 2019) included. The announcement trailer with game play is below and the game has a vague 2018 release, but we feel that this might only be a teaser as the Disney world has grown quite a bit since Kingdom Hearts 2.

Following Kingdom Heart’s we get more Spider-Man from Insomniac. While game-play wise we don’t get much more than we saw in E3, with that same play-through mixed in to a behind the scenes style documentary reel. What we do get is a few snippets of concept footage for parts of the game we have not seen yet such as Peter Parker’s bedroom giving us a rough idea of where in Spidey’s life the game takes place beyond what we have been told.

Much like Spidey the section of Battlefront also took a behind the scenes documentary style reel approach. While it is good to hear more about the game with the release being so close, we wish there was a bit more than concept art to show.

Separately, just to give you some new Battlefront news, we can say last week PlayStation did announce that the Open Beta for Battlefront 2 will be available to those who pre-ordered the game in October. Much like the first Battlefront Open Beta for PS4 that featured the Walker/Hoth map, the Battlefront 2 Beta is expected to only provide a single map which will be the Galactic Assault on Naboo mode we saw being streamed during E3.

And finally we have some VR. Not just any VR but Avengers VR. Officially named Marvel Powers United, the game announced for the Oculus Rift may look more than a little familiar to anyone who saw the leaked footage of the cancelled Avengers FPS game.

The difference here we believe is instead of the first game taking a lead from the Joss Whedon Avengers movie, this one is focused more on the upcoming movie and cartoon based properties.

Any that is pretty much it. With Disney’s Infinity game being cancelled last year and LEGO Dimensions having links to DC the most absent thing this year was a move away from Toys to Life games and the start of VR.

If you have a spare 1 hour 14 minutes you can watch the full gaming panel from D23 below:

Spider-Man, Kingdom Hearts and Marvel Powers United VR are all targeted for a 2018 release with no firm dates announced at this point. Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be released on PS4 for Australia on November 17 this year.