E3: PlayStation Trailer Recap


If you managed to sneak watching the PlayStation brief today (or maybe watched our live tweets) you may not need to have this recap.

With the major briefs nearly done, it’s important to remember that almost all the big briefing take place before the official E3 conference where we start to get the real nitty gritty details on what we have seen. But for now, let’s talk the PlayStation Showcase.

Kicking off the showcase with a pre-show we saw a couple of things we do need to circle back to including Playlink which seems to be some sort of Playstation/Mobile Phone interaction akin to the companion apps we were hoping for when we first saw the original Watchdogs. Sony is running their Live site with lots of developer interactions for the rest of the week so even if you didn’t see what you wanted at the showcase there may be separate panels with more.

First in the Showcase, we opened up to some live music setting the scene for a nice healthy dose of Uncharted action. It might not have Nathan Drake but after watching for just a few moments we were thinking, Nathan who?

While still on a high go straight into the familiar Guerrilla Games logo and the announcement of new DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn.

Remember Days Gone from last year’s E3? It was the one with the Sons of Anarchy/Walking Dead feel with the biker fighting off the unending hoards of Zombies? Well, we got to see a lot more substance and gameplay with the below clip but if you watch the full showcase this was the point where they started dangling bodies from the roof of the theatre.

Up to this point it was largely trailers and video, (and if you watch the live recap hopefully the sound is ok because it was a bit muffled to this point for us). There was a small mention of having consoles that already supported 4K and HDR which felt a tiny bit like a dig at the new Xbox One X but sadly was not accompanied by any new hardware announcements.

Following this we jump into a look at Monster Hunter World. A continuation of the Capcom franchise it looks pretty good for anyone who was aching for some Next Gen Open World Monster Hunter.

As most trailers didn’t announce what they were at the start we were watching the next trailer and couldn’t put past how familiar it felt. While completely current/next gen graphics there was something that we couldn’t place our finger on, until a Colossus appeared.

Yes, if we were allowed more than one ‘shut up and take our money’ moment this would have easily gotten it with a remastered edition of Shadow of the Colossus heading for PS4. If you never played the originals then this is definitely on your need list.

Straight out of SotC and onto the next trailer we got more Capcom v Marvel. Much like most of these trailers, it played back to back so we didn’t get many new details but the trailer does look a lot like an extended version of the one we have seen.

More importantly, though, it was said that a playable demo of the story mode would be available from today for the game but at the time of writing this it isn’t up in the AU store. We will update this recap if that changes or we get more info.

Following we shift from Marvel to WWII with Call of Duty: WWII. We don’t know, we are getting a little fatigued of World War games and with Battlefield 1 still going strong, we don’t know how this will go. But we are fans of a good campaign and that is something the Call of Duty franchise has done well in the past.

Next up it was VR’o’clock and there were just so many games in this section we do think we did miss a couple, so we won’t be offended if you want to check the stream. But PSVR has been a big win for Sony so they are going hard and just when we thought we had seen all the Elder Scrolls announcements for this week they drop Skyrim VR.

Anyone who has a PSVR might have played the demo disc game which is the robot rescue platformer. In it, you are a giant head floating above the little robot you are controlling in a Mario 64 style world. The game is quite awesome but being a demo the major complaint (aside from slight motion sickness of moving around against your will) is how short it is.

Clearly listening to that feedback we get Star Child. A side scrolling platformer which we really don’t know anything more about except that. We couldn’t even find the official trailer so here it is as a separate video someone cut out of the Showcase stream.

Right after that, we get two Supermassive VR titles, the first being The Inpatient. Remember this is the same developers who brought us Until Dawn and the horror VR shooter Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. Without quest, on this is going to be nightmare fuel.

The VR just keeps coming with a Final Fantasy Fishing game. No, really. Even in adding the extreme electric guitar track in the background… Sorry if we can’t get too excited for this one.

The 2nd VR title from Supermassive Bravo Team. We tried to find out some more about this but if it supports the PS Aim controller we are so there.

And to finish up the VR section of the showcase we got Moss. Which also looks to be a platformer for an adorbz mouse with VR support. We must admit for a second during the trailer we thought this was some sort of Howl’s Moving Castle game with the mask that appears in the water in the trailer.

We knew he would be in the showcase but it’s still awesome. Kratos returns for the new God of War! And yes the mechanic of an adult & child is very Last of Us, Kratos just makes it a bit more…. murder’y. The action and the cool as hell shield put this firmly on our play list.

Straight from God of War to Detroit: Become Human we switch gears in a big way. While still the 3rd person perspective we really aren’t too sure how this game will go over in the ragebaiting world when it comes out. Following a choose your own path style approach to story telling the terrorist or activist options seem a little risky. Still looks pretty slick though.

We didnt see it as part of Microsoft’s E3 but Bungie appeared in Sony’s. With just a bit more gameplay, much like we said earlier there wasn’t any intro or discussion on a lot of what you see here but we do know that there will be a number of PS Exclusives in content for Destiny when it is out later this year including new PVP areas and weapons.

And last, but by no means least as our ‘shut up and take our money’ pick (only narrowly beating Shadow of the Colossus and God of War) we get a healthy dose of Spider-Man on PS4. The trailer speaks for itself with a lot of gameplay shown including a completely awesome combat system unlike any Spidey game before it.

Throw in a quest to retrieve lost baloons and we will give you a kidney as down payment now. The bad news? 2018.

And that is it. In every regards this was only a games showcase with no big console update announcements or hardware spoken of. While there are a few games in this recap that had us in awe, overall we felt it might of been the weakest of the E3 presentations we have seen so far.

As we mentioned at the top Playstation are running live streaming events for the rest of E3 so there might be some more announcements on the way (such as more about this Playlink thing) but maybe Sony is waiting for Gamescon. You can watch the full showcase below.