D23 2017: Movie Round Up


In case you don’t have a hotline installed directly to Disneyland you may not have known that the E3/Comic-con of Disney, D23 was on this weekend.

D23 is a Fan event for Disney to show off it’s latest and greatest across all of its catalogue of games, movies, tv, animation, parks (even cruises) and more to it’s most loyal fans who can manage to get a ticket to attend the California event. Unlike the Gaming Panels, the movie panel had trailers and content that was reserved for only those in attendance (much like the infamous SDCC Hall H).

Wrinkle in Time

It’s happened. Oprah is in a Disney live action movie. We have reached maximum Oprah.

While not the title role (or the first Disney movie, she provided a voice in the Princess and the Frog), Oprah was on hand during the announcement panel for the new reality warping movie “Wrinkle in Time”.

Following a story line of 3 children sent off to locate the missing scientist/father (yes that old chestnut) this trailer does pique our interest for a movie we only previously knew by title and schedule as part of Disney 2018-2020 announcements earlier this year. Being a new IP for Disney we cant help but compare sections of this to Tomorrowland, but it definitely has a more filled out cast with the likes of Chris Pine and Zach Galifianakis to name a few.

Unlike most of the movies that were shown off this weekend at D23 the Wrinkle in Time trailer has found itself online. This may be due to being scheduled for release early next year or due to the first images from Steven Spielberg’s Read Player One also being released over the weekend.

Incredibles 2

Targeted for release next year we found out a little more about the Incredibles from the animation panels and creators for the next movie. While some footage was shown it was only for fans in the room, what we do know is that the next movie will take place right at the point where the last one left off.

For anyone who doesn’t remember the Incredibles leave the stadium where Dash had an athletics meet and the Underminer drills up to the surface in a massive drill proclaiming his name and intentions. The Incredibles (Parr family) don masks and roll credits. This was actually the jumping on point for one of the video games “The Incredibles: Rise of the Underminer” for PlayStation 2.

While we don’t know much more than this, and it is pretty unlikely that this will be the main villian or plotline for the entire movie it does give us an idea of the ages of the family remaining relatively the same (so no emo teen Jack Jack to worry about). We do know that this movie will have more Jack Jack with the footage shown featuring Jack Jack and his powers.

Incredibles 2 is targeted for a June, 2018 world-wide release

Ralph Breaks the Internet

Wreck it Ralph 2 was also shown off to fans during D23 with more details of the casting and some work in progress clips. The sequel adds the internet with the characters from the first movie Vanellope & Ralph having an broadband connection.

What is most interesting and noteworthy for this sequel is that it adds the entire Disney universe with every Disney Princess appearing on stage at D23 to go along with a clip where Vanellope using the internet connection to go to the Disney.com site.

Details are still light and the movie is still early on but this cross Disney character insert also saw Star Wars characters appearing such as C-3PO.

Ralph Breaks the Internet, Wreck-It Ralph 2, is targeted for a November, 2018 world-wide release

Original Lion King IMAX Poster

Lion King

Following on from the Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast, Disney are on the live action bandwagon to convert some of your favourite animated Disney Movies to live action. With the next movies planned being the Lion King and Aladdin.

During D23 some footage of the Jon Favreau (Iron Man & the live action Jungle Book) made film were shown. From all reports the feel and look of the film is very similar to the Jungle Book with use of CGI/Animals.

Additional casting information was also revealed with the likes of John Oliver (Last Week Tonight) and Donald Glover (Community, Spider-Man Homecoming and the upcoming Han Solo movie) being named along with confirmation of James Earl Jones returning to reprise his role as Mufasa.

The Lion King live action movie is scheduled currently for July, 2019 world-wide release

Avengers: Infinity War

Infinity War got the most amount of rumours this week with 4 covered statues in the D23 halls sparking a ton of speculation that the Fantastic Four were returning to the MCU. Sadly the official reveal showed this not to be the case with the statues of Thanos and ‘the Children of Thanos’.

The Children of Thanos might be more commonly known as the Black Order for any fans of the Avengers comics, specifically from Jonathan Hickman pre-most recent Secret Wars event.


Much like the other panels so far additional footage was shown but reserved for those in the room. From what we know the footage was show like the documentary style introduction we got to Infinity War that revealed some of the cast. This leads into the Guardians flying along doing their thing when Thor crashes like a bug onto their windshield.

Following this there is some interaction between Rocket and Thor (which we knew would happen given the previously released reel’s concept art) before a whole lot of unseen footage including Thanos in full fury on both old and new Avengers including Spidey in the suit seen at the end of Homecoming.

Pretty much that is all we could gleam and we can only hope the full reel is shown at SDCC this week and released publicly at the same time as Marvel tend to do (unlike DC). Given the pictures from D23 with the entire cast on stage we aren’t entirely sure if Hall H is going to be big enough for the Infinity panel.

Avengers: Infinity War is expected for US release in May next year (and April for Australia)

The Last Jedi

And of course the Last Jedi was talked about. We have already received a number of trailers for the Last Jedi so D23 didn’t bring us that much more except for some behind the scenes documentary style shots of the movie shooting schedule wrapping up which gave us plenty of things to speculate over.

With so much info already available about the Last Jedi maybe we should let you obsess over it for yourselves.

What we thought was more interesting was the lack of mention of the Han Solo movie. Given the issues recently it is not surprising that showing off scenes were not possible but with the unmoved release date less than a year away we did expect to see at least some conversation.

Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi is scheduled for release December 14th, this year for Australia

And that’s it for your highlights! As we said a number of the trailers we don’t have were reserved for only those in the room, we can only hope that as part of SDCC this week we get to see the trailers in full (but it is possible that they will be Hall H only).

You will just have to wait for our San Diego Comic Con coverage at the end of this week. Stay tuned for our guide later this week on how to get the most out of SDCC from Australia.