District 9 Creator Neill Blomkamp’s Oats Studios Releases it’s first Short Film Online


We spoke about this not too long ago but it looks like the first of what could be many short films from District 9/Chappie writer and director Neill Blomkamp has hit online.

While we were under the impression that you would need to purchase these through Steam (and understood that a number of the films animation models may potentially also be available for purchase also through Steam) it looks like the first full-length short film is up on YouTube as of this afternoon.

It is a short film running only 22 minutes long but damn is it is worth watching, not just because it has Sigourney Weaver in it (where is the petition for Neill Blomkamp to do an episode of Doctor Who?). Check the full short film below, and if you like it maybe subscribe to their YouTube channel or check Steam as with the number of movies planned to come to Netflix we may be watching a new era in filmmaking (without distributors).

From everything we know this is an experiment so it may just be the first film to be distributed in this way, but regardless you should check it out while you can.

Rakka is the first independent online-only distribution film from Neill Blomkamp and you can watch it right now on YouTube or via Steam.