Chappie/District 9 Director Neill Blomkamp’s newest Project is a Streaming Series


reating hink Neill Blomkamp’s work is pretty well known with Sci-Fi fans with works such as Chappie, District 9 and Elysium being among his writer/director credits. But yesterday the teaser trailer for his newest work was released – Oats Volume 1.

This came a little out of nowhere with Blomkamp most recently being attached to an Alien sequel with a script that had high praise from Aliens director James Cameron, until Ridley Scott returned to the franchise for Alien: Covenant. This clearly has made time for Blomkamp to pursue the Oats Studio Project – Volume 1.

While we know very little about the project outside that it will be a collection of short sci-fi based films, but more interesting is that they will be distributed via Steam for streaming worldwide, with the first film sometime this year.

This isn’t the first time that Steam has distributed movies, with deals with Warner Bros. for Mad Max & Lionsgate opting to include Steam as a distribution channel for its catalogue. But with a big name director with original content does suggest shots fired at Netflix, who have also been increasing the number of original content by A-List Directors & Actors such as the case with the upcoming Wil Smith/David Ayer Bright with it’s $90M USD budget.

Streaming through Steam also lends itself to other opportunities which do not suit other streaming services models, with Blomkamp asking via Twitter about interest in purchasing individual assets from the films such as 3D models. This suggests taking it down a more of a community of creators approach opening up the potential to see other cuts of the same short films.

Something else interesting stated by Blomkamp via Twitter is the short films may lend themselves to being adapted into feature films. This is something we have seen with movies like Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow & *cough* Pixels but creating demos to help with creating a more ambitious project is definitely a thing we would expect to see on Steam.

For now, just enjoy the teaser trailer and tell us what you think. Are you keen for streaming of original content to take over or do you love the big screen? Are you looking forward to Neil Blomkamp’s new series? Could it be a sly District 9 sequel? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Oats Volume 1 is currently listed as a 2017 release for global distribution via Steam